Why I Regret My Laser Hair Removal Burns- Pictures which Speak

Last year I tried to fancy myself with Laser Hair Removal Procedure and ended up dwelling on the untapped pain of a memorable question- “Why I Regret My Laser Hair Removal Burns”. Of course, I was irritated by the repeated razor uses and wanted a lifelong solution for the annoying hair growths.

But who knew, these burns from laser hair removal will leave a scar for a lifetime? I am going to give you insights into the short story, perhaps you are here because you suffered the same fate.

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Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure which comes with its own side effects and risk. Trust me, burn is not one of them. This is when you should start to show some panic mode.


Laser Hair Removal is a fairly new procedure, in terms of the resources that have been explored for the same.

There are a number of dermatologists who are venturing into this field, but very few are skilled enough to not cause damage beyond repair.

If I say damage, I mean the nasty laser hair removal burn that happens to very few unlucky ones. Let’s see why these burns from laser hair removal happen in the first place:

  • Incorrect procedure method
  • A poorly skilled or inexperienced technician
  • Improperly targeted laser duration
  • Laser device issues
  • Inadequate post-procedure skin treatment

Some people quote that “Dark Skin” or “Tanned Skin” is one of the reasons for melanin interference with laser hair removal procedures, thereby causing burns. Should not this be in knowledge to the practitioner himself? Is it too difficult to spot?

laser hair removal burn memes

Common Laser Removal Hair Burns Sites

Legs are the most common places these burns from laser hair removal procedures happen. Broadly speaking, any area of your body having thinner skin is prone to such burns.

The Bikini area, Face, and Neck are a few to mention. Ideally, these thinner areas should prompt the technician to adjust the energy settings for the laser device.

Symptoms of Burns from Laser Hair Removal

When I faced the horror, it was somehow my own fault. It was burning and later it turned red. To be honest, I felt it was normal and I was merely exaggerating myself. Gradually, that red skin turned into a blister and later left a scar.

So, when should you start worrying? Here are some symptoms that are concerning:

  1. Delayed redness over the skin
  2. Swelling
  3. Excessive skin discoloration
  4. Peeling of the skin
  5. Crusting

What did I do when I got the burns?

My first instinct guided me to call the beauty salon itself. Rang them immediately and discussed my concerns. Told them how severe it was and they noted the details and asked me to go to A&E immediately.

Luckily, the extent of the burns was not enough, but deep enough to leave a scar.

Regardless, I received the treatment and returned back home. Yes, I knew I could sue them for this, and yes, I knew they should offer me compensation and free treatment. But I left it for time’s sake, I prefer to be polite unless a grave concern lies above me.

Would you rather step up and fight for the same? Yes, I know people who got free treatment afterward and pretty good compensation. Have any experience? Would love to hear them in the comments.


My first step was to calm down my burning skin. I applied Vaseline (Petroleum jelly) over the burns and moved to a nearby Accident and Emergency.

The doctors were decent enough, although my condition did not fit the red flag for priority. I was given first aid and some painkillers (Ibuprofen) for a couple of days for the pain.

If the severity of your burns is second or third-degree, it becomes an immediate see-and-treat condition for the doctors. This is when you will be transferred to Burns Unit for further treatment. Sometimes, it can be life-threatening, but mostly it is manageable.


Later that day, I gave myself a thought. Should I even have opted for this procedure? Should I have just left them be? Well, there is never going back.

But I learned a few things about preventing Laser Hair Removal Burns:

  • Never get the procedure done by untrained and inexperienced practitioners
  • Always ask your technician if your hot skin is normal for him
  • Reminding your technician of the tanned and dark skin. Also, point down any thin skin if any.
  • Seeking a test spot to see if your skin can tolerate the heat
  • Inquiring if the optimal settings for the device have been set

Laser Hair Removal Burns Pictures

If you are still confused, below are some pictures that might help you understand what burns from laser hair removal look like:


How long do laser hair removal burns last?

It varies on the degree of burns. Normally, mild burns tend to resolve within a couple of days. Extensive and deep burns such as second-degree and third-degree burns take time and may scar for a lifetime.

How to treat burns from laser hair removal?

The immediate step should involve running them under cold tap water. Furthermore, Vaseline or Petroleum jelly can be applied. Bandaging any type of burn is not recommended by any physician. Seek Accident and Emergency services if deep dermal burns are suspected.

How to get rid of laser hair removal burn scars?

Unfortunately, there is no permanent treatment for the scars. You can, however, reduce the hyperpigmentation over these scars using local pharmacy drugs and reduce the visibility to a variable amount.


My burns were relatively manageable. This is not the case for many though. I am definitely not going to get near any laser device for eternity, for PTSD is definitely consuming me.

If you are adamant about getting Laser Hair Removal Burns, I would suggest you get the procedure done by a certified dermatologist.

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