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The Vishram Singh General Anatomy PDF is one of the books that a first-year medical student would choose to read and look for insights as he reads BD Chaurasia sideways.

Although not the bible of anatomy, this has a position in the learning process during the first semesters of MBBS. This page contains a link to a copy of the Textbook of Anatomy Second Edition. Simply scroll down to find free Google Drive links to the PDF version.

Please find all links below to the individual Head and Neck, Lower Limb, Abdomen, Upper Limb, and Thorax.

Updated: New links for 2023 latest editions have been regenerated! (Third edition is yet to come, kindly have patience)

Vishram Singh General Anatomy PDF Book

This book is divided into three sections- Upper Limb and Thorax, Abdomen, and Lower Limb, and Head, Neck, and Brain. The following are the contents of Vishram Singh Anatomy PDF:

Upper Limb and Thorax

Vishram Singh General Anatomy PDF Volume 1- Upper limb and Thorax book are 375 pages long with contents as follows:

  • Chapter 1 Introduction to the Upper Limb
  • Chapter 2 Bones of the Upper Limb
  • Chapter 3 Pectoral Region
  • Chapter 4 Axilla (Armpit)
  • Chapter 5 Back of the Body and Scapular Region
  • Chapter 6 Shoulder Joint Complex (Joints of Shoulder Girdle)
  • Chapter 7 Cutaneous Innervation, Venous Drainage, and Lymphatic Drainage of the Upper Limb
  • Chapter 8 Arm
  • Chapter 9 Forearm
  • Chapter 10 Elbow and Radio-ulnar Joints
  • Chapter 11 Hand
  • Chapter 12 Joints and Movements of the Hand
  • Chapter 13 Major Nerves of the Upper Limb
  • Chapter 14 Introduction to Thorax and Thoracic Cage
  • Chapter 15 Bones and Joints of the Thorax
  • Chapter 16 Thoracic Wall and Mechanism of Respiration
  • Chapter 17 Pleural Cavities
  • Chapter 18 Lungs (pulmones)
  • Chapter 19 Mediastinum
  • Chapter 20 Pericardium and Heart
  • Chapter 21 Superior Vena Cava, Aorta, Pulmonary Trunk, and Thymus
  • Chapter 22 Trachea and Esophagus
  • Chapter 23 Thoracic Duct, Azygos and hemiazygos Veins, and Thoracic Sympathetic Trunks

Abdomen and Lower Limb

Vishram Singh General Anatomy PDF Volume 2- Lower Limb and Abdomen book is 521 pages long with the following contents:

  • Chapter 1 Introduction and Overview of the Abdomen
  • Chapter 2 Osteology of the Abdomen
  • Chapter 3 Anterior Abdominal Wall
  • Chapter 4 Inguinal Region/Groin
  • Chapter 5 Male External Genital Organs
  • Chapter 6 Abdominal Cavity and Peritoneum
  • Chapter 7 Abdominal Part of Esophagus, Stomach, and Spleen
  • Chapter 8 Liver and Extrahepatic Biliary Apparatus
  • Chapter 9 Duodenum, Pancreas, and Portal Vein
  • Chapter 10 Small and Large Intestines
  • Chapter 11 Kidneys, Ureters, and Suprarenal Glands
  • Chapter 12 Posterior Abdominal Wall and Associated Structures
  • Chapter 13 Pelvis
  • Chapter 14 Pelvic Walls and Associated Soft Tissue Structures
  • Chapter 15 Perineum
  • Chapter 16 Urinary Bladder and Urethra
  • Chapter 17 Male Genital Organs
  • Chapter 18 Female Genital Organs
  • Chapter 19 Rectum and Anal Canal
  • Chapter 20 Introduction to the Lower Limb
  • Chapter 21 Bones of the Lower Limb
  • Chapter 22 Front of the Thigh
  • Chapter 23 Medial Side of the Thigh
  • Chapter 24 Gluteal Region
  • Chapter 25 Back of the Thigh and Popliteal Fossa
  • Chapter 26 Hip Joint
  • Chapter 27 Front of the Leg and Dorsum of the Foot
  • Chapter 28 Lateral and Medial Sides of the Leg
  • Chapter 29 Back of the Leg
  • Chapter 30 Sole
  • Chapter 31 Arches of the Foot
  • Chapter 32 Joints of the Lower Limb
  • Chapter 33 Venous and Lymphatic Drainage of the Lower Limb
  • Chapter 34 Innervation of the Lower Limb

Head, Neck, and Brain

Vishram Singh General Anatomy PDF Volume 3- Head and Neck book has over 460 pages and contents of:

  • Chapter 1 Living Anatomy of the Head and Neck
  • Chapter 2 Osteology of the Head and Neck
  • Chapter 3 Scalp, Temple, and Face
  • Chapter 4 Skin, Superficial Fascia, and Deep Fascia of the Neck
  • Chapter 5 Side of the Neck
  • Chapter 6 Anterior Region of the Neck
  • Chapter 7 Back of the Neck and Cervical Spinal Column
  • Chapter 8 Parotid Region
  • Chapter 9 Submandibular Region
  • Chapter 10 Infratemporal Fossa, Temporomandibular Joint, and Pterygopalatine Fossa
  • Chapter 11 Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands, Trachea, and Esophagus
  • Chapter 12 Pre- and Paravertebral Regions and Root of the Neck
  • Chapter 13 Oral Cavity
  • Chapter 14 Pharynx and Palate
  • Chapter 15 Larynx
  • Chapter 16 Blood Supply and Lymphatic Drainage of the Head and Neck
  • Chapter 17 Nose and Paranasal Air Sinuses
  • Chapter 18 Ear
  • Chapter 19 Orbit and Eyeball
  • Chapter 20 Vertebral Canal and Its Contents
  • Chapter 21 Cranial Cavity
  • Chapter 22 Cranial Nerves
  • Chapter 23 General Plan and Membranes of the Brain
  • Chapter 24 Brainstem
  • Chapter 25 Cerebellum and Fourth Ventricle
  • Chapter 26 Diencephalon and Third Ventricle
  • Chapter 27 Cerebrum
  • Chapter 28 Basal Nuclei and Limbic System
  • Chapter 29 Blood Supply of the Brain


Vishram Singh General Anatomy PDF Book gives the First year students another option apart from the traditional BD Chaurasia book. The book has super illustrations and also holds special as it has MCQ-based questions along with it.

The drawings are so fine and clear with different colors to explain the details. The book also depicts clinical pictures of the same as the reader gets deep into the book. It’s a good book if you are preparing for NEET PG exams as well.

Suggestions to those studying from Vishram Singh General Anatomy PDF in First Year MBBS are as follows:

  1. Consider creating more diagrams and 3D visuals to help you remember everything. The more you conceive and sketch, the easier it will be to recollect them.
  2. There are many YouTube videos available, and there are also several animations that aid in understanding the most crucial concepts. You will need these throughout your whole medical career, so just don’t miss them.
  3. Please study this book if you are prepared for the PG Exams. It will open the door for improved education. BD Chaurasia is still regarded as the definitive work on anatomy in India.
  4. It is an excellent approach to recall anatomy to clinically correlate it with cadavers during dissection hall posting.
  5. If you need help, the following are some posts that can greatly help you in clinical anatomy. They have been made short but explained to the level of a medical student. You can check out our Clinical Skills Section to learn more.

Vishram Singh General Anatomy PDF Download

BookTextbook of Anatomy
SubjectGeneral Anatomy
AuthorVishram Singh
Total Volumes3
File Size129MB
File TypePDF
Link TypeGoogle Drive
Number of Pages1326
Last Updated24/12/2022

You can download the 2nd Edition of this book through the Google Drive links given below. Please note, the Latest Edition- 3rd edition of the book has already been released.

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