The Unsung Warriors Of Rajeev Gandhi Hospital

While most of Delhites have learnt to live with the Covid-19, there has been an unconquerable increase in the number of cases in the past few months. Doctors and Medical staff are turning their efforts towards saving every precious life in hospitals, where Rajeev Gandhi Super Specialty Hospital, Tahirpur, stands the finest in East Delhi. Under the leadership of Dr. Ajeet Jain, the infrastructure has set the very foundations of what we may call the beginning of the new era: Covid Free India!

Covid Rgssh Doctors

Filled with enthusiasm and an untiring zeal, Doctors here are working tirelessly, to not only treat their patients, but to create an atmosphere of assurance amidst the chaos. To watch them remove their PPE kits during doffing procedure, where the sweat drags itself on the floors, is like looking at a lake of efforts.

Under the leadership of our esteemed Director, Dr. BL Sherwal and Dr. Ajeet Jain, Nodal officer of the hospital, who works more than 12hrs a day, to guide everything in a direction of integrity, making sure everyone is safe and sound. Dr. Vikas Dogra, Head of Pulmonology department, can be seen throughout the premises of hospital, making sure patients needs are met genuinely. In a sound mind, it definitely is an exquisite hospital where other government hospitals might fail to meet the standards.

Dr Ajeet Jain RGSSH

Despite 382 Doctors losing their lives fighting against Covid 19, our community isn’t losing the pace. We will keep believing in the simple notion of rebuilding everything once again.

Perhaps RGSSH is one of the leading hospitals where Remdesivir Therapy and Plasma Therapy are being performed with highest cure rates and most preferable outcomes. A whole lot of protocols have been set up for the safety and consequences of the therapy, for one is accountable for every action he takes towards saving a life.


To conclude, we will honour the work our Doctors are doing everyday while we sleep peacefully looking at the bright side of life. Let’s not forget the ones we have lost, and leave the footprints on sands of time, for the seeds planted today will definitely bear the fruits tomorrow. Stay safe, stay healthy.

Honourable Mentions:

Assistant Professors:

Dr. Shaleen prasad
Dr. Utsav
The Almighty

Senior Residents:

Dr. Ankur
Dr. Ankit
Dr. Nitesh
Dr. Sandeep
Dr. Dinesh
The Guides

Team of Junior Residents:

Dr. Varun tyagi
Dr. Sachin
Dr. Amarjeet
Dr. Ankit kasana
Dr. Astha
Dr. Darksha
Dr. Kartik
Dr. Md Haris
Dr. Anil kumar meena
Dr. Anil
Dr. Kshitij
Dr. Ravi Chaudhary
Dr. Shaik
Dr. Akash
Dr. Rupesh
Dr. Intezar
Dr. Salman
Dr. Shabana
Dr. Deepanshu
Dr. Shashank
Dr. Tarif
Dr. Shreyak
Dr. Sanovar
Dr. Pooran
Dr. Linson
The Very Cores Of Every Foundation

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