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Celiac Disease: Super Notes for Medical Students

In this post, we will cover Celiac disease short notes. We will introduce the topic with a concise summary first and then read in-depth...

Lithium Guide: Side Effects Mnemonic, Toxicity, Management, Tests, Pregnancy, Contraindications

Grasp a quick understanding on Lithium with a summary, side effects with a mnemonic and toxicity and management. We will also cover tests required before commencing, tests for monitoring levels, drugs not used along with it and finally what tests are required for lithium with pregnancy.

Stroke Mnemonics and Acronyms: Complete Guide and Notes

Complete guide crafted from NICE and SIGN algorithms for grasping concepts of Stroke for PLAB exam. Includes clinchers and mnemonics.

Failed PLAB 1? Here are 8 Effective Steps I took to Pass

It is disastrous to fail in PLAB 1. We have to start from scratch once again. Here is a list of things you should immediately start with.

Applying for PLAB 1 Visa for UK: Cover Letter & Documents

Want to know what documents are required for PLAB 1 Visa application? Learn more about Cover letter format and documents needed for UK Visa application.

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