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How to Create Your Own PLAB 1 Preparation Study Schedule

Tired of trying to create your own study schedule for PLAB 1? Don't know where to start your preparation from? Follow this step-by-step guide to create your own time table here.

IELTS Guide for PLAB and GMC Exam

My failures in IELTS for PLAB 1 exam and what I learnt through them. Read through this guide on how to book and eligibility criteria required

Applying for Visa for PLAB 1: Cover Letter & Documents

Want to know what documents are required for PLAB 1 Visa application? Learn more about Cover letter format and documents needed for UK Visa application.

Hypertension- Notes for PLAB 1 | NICE Guidelines

Hypertension Guidelines made from NICE CKS for PLAB 1 exam. Read through quickly to understand concepts of treatment protocols and blood pressure targets.

9 Hacks for Booking PLAB 1 Seats

Here are 9 things you are doing wrong while attempting to book PLAB 1 slots.

Diabetes Mellitus- Notes for PLAB 1

Read time: 4-5 minutes. Quickly read notes for Plab 1- Diabetes- Whipples triad, Medication Mnemonics, Pre-operative management, Pre-diabetes

Infectious Disease- Plab 1 Notes [Ultra Short]

In need for quick revision notes of Infectious disease for Plab 1 exam? We are enrolling our...

Pediatrics- Plab 1 Notes [Ultra Short]

Looking for Pediatrics Ultra Short Notes for Plab 1 exam? Get notes made from Plabable and Plabkeys here directly through Google Drive.