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Understanding Rashes in Children: Approaching Clinical Diagnosis- Table and Algorithm

Learn about the most frequent and dangerous forms of rashes in children, how to identify them, and when to get medical attention. Know how to tell the difference between moderate and severe rashes, as well as the causes, treatments, and parenting recommendations for coping with them. Discover about the significance of follow-up care and how food and allergies can play a role.

Acupressure Points for Back Pain Relief- A Comprehensive Guide on Techniques and Tips

Looking for a natural solution to back pain? Acupressure may be the answer. Our guide covers the causes of back pain, specific acupressure points, proper technique, and tips to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment. Try it today and enjoy long-lasting relief

Back Pain after C-Section: Why It Occurs and How to Manage It

Some women can develop back pain immediately or a few days after delivering the baby through a Cesarean section. In this article, we will...

Himalaya Face Wash Reviews: Benefits and Side Effects

This is an authentic product review on Himalaya Face Wash- Benefits and Side effects.

Differences between Piles, Fistula, and Fissures- Summarised Table

Piles or Hemorrhoids are painless and appear as a "Splash" of blood. Fissure, on the other hand, is excruciatingly painful and manifests as a "Streak" of blood during feces. Lastly, the most common sign of a fistula is discharge.

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