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Man Gets Sucked Into MRI Machine: Horror and Death

The bizarre MRI accident occurred when a man in mumbai was sucked into MRI machine while carrying an oxygen cylinder with him. Due to inhalation of leaked oxygen, he died within two minutes. The doctor and ward boy had been charged with IPC 304A for causing death by negligence.

Cyanosis: Differential Diagnosis, History, Examination

Cyanosis is bluish coloration of skin or mucosa, it is easy to spot, but differential diagnosis, History and Examination are very important. Read the causes, differential diagnosis, history taking, Examination and Investigations of Cyanosis, be it Central or Peripheral.

Media News and Government continues to worsen Doctor’s status in India

The conditions of Doctors in India worsens as Media News and Government targets Doctors and Medicos after the protests towards Security for Doctors.

How to Insert Foley Catheter Males and Females | Procedure | Video

Foley's catheterization is a medical procedure done in cases of Urinary Retention, usually in Acute cases. Read more on Procedure, Indications, Equipment, Complications.

How To Earn Pocket Money Online During Medical School

Having trouble making a life out during your Medical Career? Life is harsh with MBBS, a few bucks are always handy. Find out how you can generate some pennies with Internet!

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