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Cyanosis: Differential Diagnosis, History, Examination

Cyanosis is bluish coloration of skin or mucosa, it is easy to spot, but differential diagnosis, History and Examination are very important. Read the causes, differential diagnosis, history taking, Examination and Investigations of Cyanosis, be it Central or Peripheral.

Lymph Node Examination: Head and Neck | Clinical Skills

Watch how to examine the lymph nodes of Head and Neck by noting different points like consistency, mobility etc. The pattern follows as: submental, submandibular, pre-auricular,...

How to Insert Foley Catheter Males and Females | Procedure | Video

Foley's catheterization is a medical procedure done in cases of Urinary Retention, usually in Acute cases. Read more on Procedure, Indications, Equipment, Complications.

Blood Test Interpretation with Normal values

We've just prepared the best Blood Test Interpretation guide for you with normal values and ranges. Find the clinical, optimal and red flag values for most common tests including CBC, Urinalysis and ABG.

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