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For some students in the Second year of MBBS, Pharmacology is a huge headache. While some stick to KD Tripathi, some opt for Tara Shanbhag Pharmacology PDF as a last measure.

The book has saved many lives so far. In this post, we will give you updated links in 2023 for Tara V Shanbhag Pharmacology PDF Latest Edition Free Download. You can grab the book directly from Google Drive.

Tara V Shanbhag Pharmacology PDF Book

Pharmacology is gruesome when introduced in the second year. Not only do students suffer navigating through KD Tripathi, but it is difficult to remember so many things. Tara V Shanbhag PDF book was designed to help medical students get rid of the chaos.

This book is widely used and is one of the popular books. However, it is still not used for NEET PG after MBBS as it lacks enough information. The latest edition of Tara V Shanbhag has 507 pages which cover the entire subject.

The book features the division of the topics into simple headings such as uses, side effects, overdose, mechanism of action, and clinical importance. There are some amazing tables that are relatively easy to memorize. Moreover, the diagrams are pretty and neat as compared to other books.

In the third edition, new topics such as cognitive enhancers, CNS stimulants, and Drugs for the treatment of Psoriasis and Acne vulgaris were introduced for MBBS students. Also, there was the inclusion of WHO definitions, treatment regimens (for tuberculosis, leprosy, malaria, and HIV), RNTCP (for TB) recommendations, and JNC, 2003 blood pressure categorization guidelines.

You can access the bookmarks section to easily navigate through the book.

Suggestions to those studying Pharmacology from Shanbhag Pharmacology PDF in the Second Year MBBS are as follows:

  1. Stick with KDT if possible. If you are drowning, you can use quick reference books such as Shanbhag Pharmacology.
  2. Make your own concise notes in your own handwriting. This helps in creating a visual memory which helps recall important topics easily in the exam hall.
  3. Focus on uses and side effects along with the mechanism of action. These are commonly asked during the exam.
  4. Make your own list of important topics which need to be revised thoroughly before the exam.
  5. You can have a look at our post- How to Study Pharmacology in the Second Year if you are looking for more guidance.


Tara V Shanbhag has 12 chapters in total. These are covered in 507 pages. The chapters covered are as follows:

  • Chapter 1. General medicines
  • Chapter 2. Autonomous nervous system behaving drugs
  • Chapter 3. Cardiovascular disease system medication
  • Chapter 4. Pharmacology of kidney disease
  • Chapter 5. Centralized nervous system medicines
  • Chapter 6. Respiratory and autacoids method
  • Chapter 7. Medicines used in os Gastrointestinal disorder care
  • Chapter 8. Blood-forming drugs and organs
  • Chapter 9. Pharmacology of endocrine
  • Chapter 10. Uteric medicine
  • Chapter 11. Chemotherapy
  • Chapter 12. Different medicines

About the Author

Tara V Shanbhag, MD

  • Professor and Head, Department of Pharmacology
    • Srinivas Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre
    • Mukka, Mangalore
    • India
  • Formerly, Professor at the Department of Pharmacology
    • Kasturba Medical College, Manipal University
    • Manipal, Karnataka
    • India

Smita Shenoy, MD

  • Additional Professor, Department of Pharmacology
    • Kasturba Medical College, Manipal University
    • Manipal, Karnataka

Shanbhag Pharmacology PDF Latest Edition Download

BookPharmacology for Medical Graduates
AuthorTara V Shanbhag
EditorSmita Shenoy
File Size207MB
File TypePDF
Link TypeGoogle Drive
Number of Pages572
Last Updated13/01/2023

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