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It would be true to say that Pathology is one of the foundation subjects in the medical line during MBBS that deals with the causes of diseases and their mechanisms.

Robbins Basic Pathology PDF is one of the finest books after Harsh Mohan for Pathology during the Second Year of MBBS. We have provided the Latest Editions below through Google Drive Links and free for download or reading.

Update: 10th Edition as well as Robbins and Cotran Pathological Basis- South Asia Edition are now available!

Robbins Basic Pathology PDF Book

While Robbins Basic Pathology South Asia Edition has 29 chapters in two volumes, the free version of Robbins Pathology PDF 10 edition has three sections which have 23 chapters in total. These are as follows:

  1. Cell Injury, Cell Death, and Adaptations
  2. Inflammation and Repair
  3. Hemodynamic Disorders, Thromboembolism, and Shock
  4. Diseases of the Immune System
  5. Neoplasia
  6. Genetic and Pediatric Diseases
  7. Environmental and Nutritional Diseases
  8. General Pathology of Infectious Diseases
  9. Blood Vessels
  10. Heart
  11. Hematopoietic and Lymphoid Systems
  12. Lung
  13. Kidney and Its Collecting System
  14. Oral Cavity and Gastrointestinal Tract
  15. Liver, Gallbladder, and Biliary Tracts
  16. Pancreas
  17. Male Genital System and Lower Urinary Tract
  18. Female Genital System and Breast
  19. Endocrine System
  20. Bones, Joints, and Soft Tissue Tumors
  21. Peripheral Nerves and Muscles
  22. Central Nervous System
  23. Skin

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Robbins Basic Pathology 11th edition is one of the best books used by MBBS Students during their second year and is the best book if preparing for PG after MBBS over Harshmohan. The book showcases 23 chapters with a total of 924 pages. The features of Robbins Pathology PDF 10th edition are as follows:

  1. Super HD Images
  2. Perfect tables, charts, and differences
  3. Super Table of Index which helps in the easiest navigation ever
  4. Weights and Measurements of Normal Organs
  5. Laboratory Values of Clinical Significance
  6. Perfect Appendix categorized as A-Z

Suggestions to those studying Pathology in Second Year MBBS are as follows:

  1. Pathology may appear mixed up once you study a lot of topics since the diseases almost have similar histological features and more. Try defining them with one word or imagining them.
  2. Do not miss important topics, especially cancer classifications.
  3. Since this subject is the base subject for upcoming years, it’s always suggested to keep the book and notes with you. Do not throw them, you will be needing them soon.
  4. If you need help, the following are some posts that can greatly help you understand clinical pathology. They have been made short but explained to the level of a medical student. These can be found in our Clinical Skills Section.

Robbins Pathology PDF Download

You can download or read online the Robbins Basic Pathology PDF book by the links given below (latest edition). Other versions such as the 7th edition and 8th edition will be available soon as well. You can mail us if you need the latest editions of the book such as the 11th or 12th edition of Robbins Basic Pathology.

Update: We have included the South Asia Edition now.

If the links are not working, do let us know using the comments section, and we will readily update it. If you are unable to locate the links, please refresh the page. If you need other books, do check out our Downloads Section.

Do not forget to check out our other Pathology books for Second Year MBBS:

Robbins Basic Pathology 10th edition

BookBasic Pathology
File Size111MB
File TypePDF
Link TypeGoogle Drive
Number of Pages910
Last Updated26/12/2022

Robbins Pathology South Asia Edition

BookPathological Basis of Disease
AuthorRobbins and Cotran
EditionSouth Asia
File Size480MB
File TypePDF
Link TypeGoogle Drive
Number of Pages1391
Last Updated26/12/2022

9th edition: Size- 72MB

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9th edition: Size- 250MB

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