Plab 1 Study Material: Free and Paid


Study Material for Plab 1 After MBBS

Have you already made up your mind to move out of your country after MBBS and move to UK and start working as a Doctor in UK after completing Plab exam held by GMC? You have just landed at the right destination! We will provide you with the most relevant list of study material you should be using for Plab part 1 exam.

Plab 1 Keys

Plab1keys are still on the top list if you are just starting your preparation. Unlike other preparation material, Plab 1 keys are simply notes of what you are going to face in exam. The current Plab 1 keys have 30 subjects including miscellaneous.  It simply contains questionnaires and detailed information of the topics you need to cover for your exam.

Free Plab 1 keys here to check out!

Free is attractive, right?

They frequently provide updates on their chapters after every plab 1 exam to include any update that comes along. If you are keen to understand more, you can check out their free chapters here.

You can find their offline (not recommended and also illegal) notes in PDF format from telegram or other groups easily, however, you will be missing important updates as the Update Key Numbers keep changing very often.

If you are looking to subscribing to their plans, you should register yourself first and then opt for one here. Their minimal plan starts at 30 euros for a month.

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Plabable For Plab

Plabable for Plab currently have over 2500 questions with explanations for each option. They currently have plan for 3 months at 20 euros and 5 months for 25 euros.

If considered, Plabable is, by far, the best study material for Plab 1. Not just questions, it also has Revision guides, Gems (Quick way to revise high yielding topics), Webinars and the most exclusive Plab Mock tests.

Plabable beats Plab 1 keys if updates on guidelines and protocols is considered. There may be clashes between some words in Plab1keys and Plabable for Plab, but trust your instincts and stick to Plabable words in such scenarios since Plabable is updated by Doctors already working in NHS (and more importantly, their updates are often real-time and most trustworthy with a valid source)

You also get various Whatsapp group links which you can join to stay updated on information regarding different queries such as Visa applications for Plab, Webinars, Mock tests, Plab 1 seats availability, etc.

Reference Books

If you have enough time, Reference books are highly recommended. These include Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine and Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialties. If you are ever stuck with something, refer to these to find the right answer.

Free Material for Plab 1

Below are some free study material which you can use for Plab 1 exam:


While some state that Plab 1 keys and Plabable is everything you need for Plab part 1 exam, we highly recommend that you do not miss any opportunity to grab free stuff also. The exam is focused on your clinical skills, if you are good with them, you will be seeing yourself as Licensed Doctor in UK soon. Best of luck to all Plab Aspirants out there.

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