Pediatrics- Plab 1 Notes [Ultra Short]

Looking for Pediatrics notes for Plab 1? Preparing for Plab 1 as an IMG and looking to enter NHS through the GMC PLAB examination? Undoubtedly you are clueless about where to study. We highly recommend sticking to Plabable only as it is by far, the most updated and only approachable authentic source for the PLAB exam.

If you are looking for Ultra Short Notes, then we have provided them below for Pediatrics. If you are just starting and confused about where to start, we recommend you read PLAB 1- Study Material- Free and Paid.

Pediatrics Ultra Short Notes- Review

We have made highly concise notes using scattered information all around. It is a bit difficult to get short notes that help you quickly learn things, and we have just made it possible.

We highly discourage requesting any form of Big Mocks from Plabable, please note these are hard work from Sze and Adam. Please learn dignity as NHS is where you will need it.

We will try to update these files as much as we can, however, we strictly recommend Plabable as NHS doctors are working to update this platform frequently according to recent guidelines and updates.


We have provided Pediatrics Ultra Short Notes for PLAB 1 exam below. Please choose whether to read online or download the file directly from Google Drive Links. If the link is broken or not working, please drop us a comment below so we can update it immediately.

Paediatrics for Plab 1- Details

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  1. Hyperlipidaemia
  2. Hypoallergenic formula
  3. Non-IgE mediated
  4. Sodium valproate
  5. Botulinum in infants
  6. False menses
  7. Vaccination schedule
  8. Type of vaccines

Important Topics

  1. Milestones
  2. Concerning milestones
  3. Traffic light system
  4. Constitutional delay
  5. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
  6. Child abuse
  7. TCA poisoning
  8. Perforated Hymen
  9. Fluids in children
  10. Tilted head syndromes


Please note these notes were made for PLAB 1 candidates alone. Any usage of the information in the practical or clinical field should not be made without proper supervision. We do not hold responsibility for the same. Also, these notes can be outdates and we ask the students to seek relevant updates from NHS or NICE CKS accordingly.

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