Pathoma PDF 2022 Download- Fundamentals of Pathology

Undoubtedly, Pathology is the most annoying subject of all time during the Second Year of MBBS. We struggle with the mechanism of diseases and this is where Pathoma- Fundamentals of Pathology comes in handy. Written by Hassan A Sattar, this textbook is beautifully carved with basics and explanations illustrated with amazing images. You can download Pathoma PDF 2022 Latest Edition for Free using the links below.

Pathoma- Fundamentals of Pathology PDF

Pathoma- Fundamentals of Pathology by Hussain A Sattar covers 19 chapters in 234 pages. The contents of the book are as follows:

  • Chapter 1- Growth Adaptations, Cellular Injury, and Cell Death
  • Chapter 2- Inflammation, Inflammatory Disorders, and Wound Healing
  • Chapter 3- Principles of Neoplasia
  • Chapter 4- Hemostasis and Related Disorders
  • Chapter 5- Red Blood Cell Disorders
  • Chapter 6- White Blood Cell Disorder
  • Chapter 7- Vascular Pathology
  • Chapter 8- Cardiac Pathology
  • Chapter 9- Respiratory Tract Pathology
  • Chapter 10- Gastrointestinal Pathology
  • Chapter 11- Exocrine Pancreas, Gallbladder, and Liver Pathology
  • Chapter 12- Kidney and Urinary Tract Pathology
  • Chapter 13- Female Genital System and Gestational Pathology
  • Chapter 14- Male Genital System Pathology
  • Chapter 15- Endocrine Pathology
  • Chapter 16- Breast Pathology
  • Chapter 17- Central Nervous System Pathology
  • Chapter 18- Musculoskeletal Pathology
  • Chapter 19- Skin Pathology

About Author:

  • Hussain A. Sattar


Pathoma PDF is an amazing book used by Second Year MBBS students while preparing for Pathology. It is also used for PG preparation after MBBS. Fundamentals of Basic Pathology PDF is compiled of 19 chapters compilation along with an index. The features of Pathoma PDF 2022- Latest Edition is as follows:

  1. Ultra HD Images
  2. Perfect tables, charts, and differences
  3. Super Table of Index which helps in the easiest navigation ever
  4. Weights and Measurements of Normal Organs
  5. Laboratory Values of Clinical Significance
  6. Perfect Appendix categorized as A-Z.

Pathoma PDF 2022 Latest Edition Download

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