NEET PG 2019: Board Secretly Enforcing 3 Attempts Only?

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The NEET PG 2019 is going to see “3 Attempts Only” and is up and scheduled for 6th January for which MBBS graduates are preparing all over India. The results are to rolled out on 31st January 2019, which will see the first merit list, following the counselling from 18th February to 31st May 2019, for the students to select the specialty.

We all have been aware of the recent news of dissolving of MCI tenure and bringing of Board of Governors through government under the National Medical Commission Bill via Supreme Court.

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The new regulator body has its own fundamentals and follows entirely different. While some say MCI was better, some still support the notion of government and abandoning the monarchy of MCI.

Nevertheless, we saw a weird point added this NEET PG form of 2019 that asked us to fill the number of attempts we have made previously in NEET PG. This left us with a bundle of questions. And many are still questioning it’s principal.

Does the NEET PG point of attempts affect positively to students? Will they get some sort of quota in the exam if they have more number of attempts? Or could it be the preference being given to more numbers?

On the contrary, it’s doubtful whether it’s positive or negative, being said, that number of attempts could actually be the new principal of NBC being regulated. Board could actually be picking out the students those who have attempted previously in NEET PG and have failed to gain a seat. This is, infact cruel on part of Board, and will raise alot of opposition from the doctors preparing for NEET for years.

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We also heard rumors that this number of attempts, is infact a limit denoted by board. It could be possible that students could only be giving only 3 attempts in the NEET PG 2019.

Do you support the notion of number of attempts? Let us know in the comments section.

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