Nageshkumar Forensic Medicine Ebook Download Free in PDF Format

Forensic Medicine deals with the medico-legal sciences. It is a subject in the Second Year of MBBS. Nageshkumar is one of the finest and recommended textbooks for Forensic Medicine. Below are the links to Nageshkumar’s free book in PDF format for Forensic Medicine in Second year MBBS.

Nageshkumar Forensic Medicine PDF Book

The latest edition of the book has 5 sections and 40 chapters which are listed below:

  • Introduction and Evolution, Part One
    • Intro
    • Historical Overview
  • Medical Jurisprudence, Part Two
    • The Law and the Doctor
    • Medical Practice Ethics
    • Euthanasia (Mercy Killing)
    • Medical Profession and Consumer Protection Act
    • Legal and Ethical Considerations in Human Organ Transplantation
    • AIDS: Ethical and Legal Considerations
    • Health Records
    • Anesthesia and Surgical Deaths: Medical and Legal Considerations
  • Forensic Pathology, Part Three
    • Criminal Identity
    • DNA forensic profiling
    • Thanatology
    • Examination following death
    • Deadly Asphyxial Violence
  • Clinical Forensic Medicine, Part Four
    • Injury, Wound, and Trauma
    • Regional Damages
    • Transport-Related Accidents
    • The Results of Harm
    • Injury from Explosives and Firearms
    • Impacts of Heat and Cold
    • Lightning, radiation, and electrocution
    • Trauma in its Medical and Legal Perspectives
    • The medical and legal aspects of domestic violence
    • The Medical Profession and Torture
    • Legal Theory of Sexuality
    • Child Abuse, Infanticide, and Foeticides
    • Criminal psychology
    • forensic imaging
    • Criminal Engineering
  • Forensic Toxicology, Part Five
  • Basic Principles
    • Destructive poisons
    • Irritation-causing poisons
    • Neurotoxins
    • Cardiotoxic Agents
    • Asphyxia causing agents
    • Household poisons
    • Therapeutic Substance Poisoning
    • Poisonous products and foodborne illness
    • Drug Abuse and Addiction
  • Annexure
  • Archive


Nagesh Kumar is one of the recommended textbooks for Forensic medicine. It’s actually a good book and you can opt for it if you are preparing for your second-year final exams.

The book has over 691 pages with 40 chapters in total. The book is pretty much easy to understand and made better with pretty illustrations, images, and diagrams. The tables and differences add to the juice of the Nageshkumar book.

The initial edition, which had two parts and 26 chapters, has been revised to have five parts and 40 clear, well-written chapters that are jam-packed with current scientific findings.

This edition also includes four significant addenda in the appendices, which cover the question bank, the syllabus and varsity exam aid, the laws relevant to the Indian medical profession, and starvation and neglect and the law.

This edition’s main goal was to use clear, understandable language while incorporating pertinent subject matter that followed the syllabus suggested by the Medical Council of India. It comprises more than 600 pages.

The book’s more than 1500 references, 700 images, 500 illustrations, charts, and tables make it simple for readers to understand the complex theory behind the topic.

Suggestions to those studying Forensic Medicine in the Second year MBBS are as follows:

  1. The subject is too much fun and interesting, you will really need no motivation to fall in love with Forensic medicine and toxicology.
  2. Again, don’t stick to multiple books. There are minor differences in books for forensic medicine though, but still, it’s better to play on the safe side.
  3. Make separate notes for differences, they are asked most in exams.
  4. Clear your concepts over Firearms, students often miss their lectures and it’s a horror to understand it easily.

Nagesh Kumar PDF Book Download

You can download the latest edition of Nagesh Kumar’s book using the link below. Currently, this is the second edition.

If the book is not the latest edition, please notify us in the comments below. We will readily update it.

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