Man Gets Sucked Into MRI Machine: Horror and Death

Mumbai: The dreadful news of MRI accident came from Nair Hospital, Mumbai where a man carrying oxygen cylinder was sucked into Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine. The 32-year old Mr. Rajesh Maru, suffered a horrible death as metal oxygen cylinder got sucked into magnetic force of MRI and burst to release oxygen.

Rajesh has went to accompany his elder relative who was being treated at the same hospital. A ward boy had instructed him to carry the oxygen cylinder with him to MRI machine, upon being asked if it was safe, they were told it was absolutely safe and common practice.

Rajesh Maru was carrying Oxygen Cylinder in MRI room
Rajesh Maru was carrying Oxygen Cylinder in MRI room

As the negligence poured in, the burst of oxygen cylinder upon being sucked by MRI machine, led to leakage of vast amount oxygen. Upon inhalation of excessive oxygen by Rajesh, he died within minutes of the MRI accident.

Harish Solanki, brother-in-law of Rajesh stated:

He went there to visit my ailing mother. A ward boy told him to carry an oxygen cylinder with him to MRI room which is prohibited. It all happened because of the carelessness of hospital’s doctors and administration. No security guard was either present to tell him that he should not carry oxygen cylinder with him to MRI room.

He added:

As he entered the room, the MRI machine sucked him in due to magnetic force as he had oxygen cylinder with him.  He died within two minutes. No hospital authority has approached us accepting their mistake.

An FIR was later registered against the Doctor on duty, Siddhant Shah, and the ward boy involved, Vitthal Chavan along with another female ward lady involved, Sunita Surve. They were charged IPC Section 304A of Death by Negligence. Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis had announced Rs.5 Lac for victim’s family.

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