11 Medical School Memories Which Are Truly Unforgettable

Here are some medical school memories during MBBS which will definitely make you feel nostalgic.

The First Look on Cadaver, Let’s Fall

The First Look on Cadaver, Let's Fall

Entering the dissection hall for the first time, and being excited about Cadavers! Yes, that was obvious. But once students start to see cadavers, notice how many of them are falling on the ground. Indeed, the dead body has a scary look.

Hey Hubby, be my Selfie Partner Please

Medical School Memories

Meeting up with a skeleton and getting pics clicked with it. It was one of the most beautiful memories. Do you know, that Skelly misses you too? One of our cherishing medical school memories.

Get me out of Brachial Plexus Please

Medical School Memories

No idea at first spotting of brachial plexus in a cadaver. Yes, the book diagrams were so clean with straight lines, but where are they now in here?

That Smell before entering Dissection Hall

Medical School Memories

Oh yeah, that weird smell that will just burn the nose straight away. How can someone forget that lovely scent?

Femoral Triangle has Femoral Nerve, Femoral Artery and Femoral Vein

Medical School Memories

That’s what it is supposed to be, right? Femoral Triangle has Artery, Vein and Nerve. Alas, we wrote the same lines thrice in answer sheets to make the answer look big!

Bet me if you can stay in Dissection Hall at night

Medical School Memories

Betting with friends- “I’ll pay you if you can go to the dissection hall at night and say hello to cadavers”. Never knew someone who went through it. Scariest medical school memories honestly.

Giggling Faces on Dissecting Genitals

Medical School Memories

Of course, many of us were shy, and the height was hit when we were asked to cut our genitals. Whew, that was some experience.

That’s my damn locker man!

Medical School Memories

Owning something in the anatomy department was rather proud for us. And a personal locker… mmmm! Storing dissection kits and books was so easy, right?

That Favorite Dissection Kit

Cadaver Medical School

Fighting over dissection kits, that scissor is mine buddy. But yes, that dissection kit was our favourite tool of all time! Some beautiful medical school memories.

Gloves on, Dissection Kit Ready, Attack!

Gloves on, Dissection Kit Ready, Attack

And we are ready to cut! Let’s fight, jump on cadavers and woosh. Sadly, the poor cadaver suffered fate.

Is it an Artery, Vein or is it Nerve?

Medical School Memories

That crazy confusion over those structures, is it an artery, vein or a damn nerve? Funny, they looked the same at the first sight we made. Hope you loved our post on Medical School Memories.

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