Mbbs Medical Students to clear NEXT Exit Exam for “Dr” Tag

Previously, we discussed what exactly is Exit Exam. In this article, we unveil what exactly is going on with NEXT Exit Exam and try to find out why is it so hated nationwide by Indian medical students.

After a long 5.5 years of MBBS, Medical Students will have to clear another Exit exam before they can practice or call themselves Doctors. Exactly! The draft Indian Medical Council (Amendment) Bill 2016 from the Union Health Ministry has proposed that National Exit Test (NEXT) is compulsory for MBBS Students to be passed after their Medical Graduation Degree. While the MCI states it will create a society of improved levels of Doctors in the era of Privatized Medical Colleges, the Medical Students seem to oppose it strongly.

As we already know, the long 5.5 years of MBBS are already too much as compared to other Career options; it is quite a huge burden Central Government is trying to impose on medical students. A Central Govt. official stated- “NEXT will substitute three tests, including NEET for post-graduation admissions, Recruitment for Central Health Services and the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (also known as FMGE or MCI Screening Test).”

But the real question is, do we really need to prove our level after 5.5 years of hard work and patience? Sarcastic how our friendly mates who took other career options after 12th are already working with their perfect jobs and even some have got married at the time a medical student finishes his MBBS and approaches Career options after MBBS. Indeed, there have been a lot of Facebook and social jokes about an MBBS Student studying all his life and sacrificing everything else.

Some have quoted that this will be the field of leveling medical education in India and create an adequate number of “Doctors”. Really? There is already too much shortage of Doctors in India as we know it. And with incidents like the Assault on Doctor in Dhule, Mumbai, many are already leaving the profession considering it unsafe. MBBS Students work so hard to achieve this stage, to be called “Doctors”, for pride is the biggest thing the Medical profession can offer.

And this NEXT exit exam after MBBS will just add another hurdle to it, making it quite scratched up. The whole mess an MBBS student suffers is already too much, with many getting supplementary and lacking behind the average students, the anxiety every time results are out and every time a relative asks- “What are you doing?” We have no answers but to say, we are still studying.

Noble the Profession is, noble is the Doctor. But we have a life too, let us live that.

Do you support the introduction of another quota, an exit exam so-called National Exit Test (NEXT Exit Exam) after your MBBS completion? The bill has already been cleared by the parliament, and the government is holding up releasing it soon. It is going to be such a protesting time when it is unveiled.

Share your thoughts on why will you oppose/support the Exit exam after MBBS in the comments below.

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  1. Please stop this all nonsense exam these creates lot of anger and frustration among medical students.
    Adding 1 more exam is not a solution .
    Ache doctors chahiye toh st /sc reservation hatao. At least in medical field


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