MBBS Books and Syllabus : First Year

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First year of MBBS consists of one year teaching basic science which includes the Subjects – Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry with some learning of Community Medicine. We will guide you with every aspect of 1st year MBBS with detailed list of best & recommended MBBS Books and Syllabus. Additionally, you can check our Download Section to get the eBooks in PDF format.

If you are in other semester, do check out the following:

MBBS Books List


Book Name



BD Chaurasia Human Anatomy: 3 Volumes
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Handbook of Anatomy


Inderbir Singh Essentials of Osteology
A.K Dutta Textbook of Osteology


Langman’s Medical Embryology
Kadasne Medical Embryology


Sembuligam Essential of Physiology
Guyton Textbook of Physiology
Ganongs Review of Medical Physiology
A.K Jain Textbook of Physiology: 2 Volumes
Indu Khurana Textbook of Physiology


Satyanarayana Textbook of Biochemistry
Harpers Illustrated Biochemistry
Lippincott Illustrated Reviews of Biochemistry


Anatomy may be one of the toughest subjects to handle in first year of MBBS. The subject deals with the structure of human body.

It is suggested to stick to B.D Chaurasia anatomy book, as it is still considered the bible of anatomy. Following mbbs books and curriculum will help you further through 1st year :


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The Syllabus for Anatomy for First Year MBBS has been listed below:

1. General Anatomy

2. Regional Anatomy
a. – Upper limb
b. – Lower limb
c. – Abdomen
d. – Thorax
e. – Head Face Neck
f. – Spinal Cord & Brain

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3. Micro-Anatomy
I – General Histology
II – Systemic Histology

4. Developmental Anatomy
I – General Embryology
II – Systemic Embryology

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5. Genetics

6. Radiological Anatomy, USG, CT, MRI

7. Surface Anatomy, Living & Marking

Best Books

Following MBBS Books are recommended for Anatomy in First year MBBS:

  1. B.D Chaurasia Human Anatomy 3 volumes
  2. Cunningham manual of Practical Anatomy
  3. Gray’s Anatomy
  4. Sahana’s Human Anatomy
  5. Regional Anatomy by R. J. Last
  6. Human Histology by Inderbir Singh
  7. Atlas of Human Histology- DIFORE
  8. Surgical Anatomy- McGregor
  9. Histology- by ham
  10. Human Embryology – Inderbir Singh
  11. Human Embryology- Kadasne
  12. Medical Embryology – Langman
  13. Surface Anatomy & Radiology – Halim Das
  14. General Anatomy by – Chowrisia
  15. Text book of Neuroanatomy – Inderbir Singh
  16. Central Nervous System – Podar Bhagat
  17. Clinical anatomy for medical students – Richard Snell


Physiology is quite easy to understand as it is relatively easy and less to mug up. However, don’t lose focus or you are going to lose a whole year of mbbs. Comprehensive knowledge of the normal functions of the organ systems of the body to facilitate an understanding of the physiological basis of health and diseases.

Following physiology books of mbbs are recommended (Ak Jain physiology being on top of the list) along with the syllabus of physiology :-


The Syllabus for Physiology for First Year MBBS has been listed below:

  1. General Physiology
  2. Hematology
  3. Nerve
  4. Muscle
  5. Respiratory Physiology
  6. Cardiovascular Physiology
  7. Renal Physiology
  8. Body Temperature Regulation
  9. Alimentary System
  10. Nutrition
  11. Endocrine System
  12. Reproductive Physiology
  13. Special Senses: Eye, Ear, Taste, Smell
  14. Central Nervous System

Best Books

Following MBBS Books are recommended for Physiology in First year MBBS:

Textbooks of Physiology

  1. A.K Jain – Textbook of Physiology
  2. K Sembulingam- Textbook of Physiology
  3. Guyton – Textbook of Physiology
  4. Ganong – Review of Medical Physiology
  5. S. Wright – Applied Physiology

Reference Books

  1. Best and Taylor – Physiological basis of medical practice
  2. Berne & levy. – Principles of Physiology


As far as i gave my biochemistry exam, all i remember is mugging up things and it was still the best thing. This subject very few worthy topics for an mbbs student, unless you plan to go for post-graduation or diploma in biochemistry.

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Biochemistry is all about scientific basis of the life processes at the molecular level. Following mbbs books are recommended for biochemistry, U Satyanarayan being the preferred choice along with the mbbs syllabus for biochemistry as follows :-


The Syllabus for Biochemistry for First Year MBBS has been listed below:

  1. Molecular and functional organization of a cell and its sub-cellular components
  2. Chemistry of enzymes and their clinical applications
  3. Chemistry and metabolism of proteins and related disorders
  4. Chemistry and metabolism of purines and pyrimidines and related disorders
  5. Chemistry and functions of DNA and RNA , Genetic code ; Protein biosynthesis & regulation (Lac-operon)
  6. The principles of genetic engineering and their applications in medicine
  7. Chemistry and Metabolism of hemoglobin
  8. Biological oxidation
  9. Molecular concept of body defense and their applications in medicine
  10. Vitamins and Nutrition
  11. Chemistry and metabolism of carbohydrates and related disorders
  12. Chemistry and metabolism of lipids and related disorders
  13. Mineral metabolism: Water and electrolyte balance & imbalance
  14. Acid base balance and imbalance
  15. Integration of various aspects of metabolism and their regulatory pathways with Starvation metabolism
  16. Mechanism of hormone action
  17. Environmental biochemistry
  18. Liver function tests, Kidney function tests, Thyroid function tests
  19. Detoxification mechanisms
  20. Biochemical basis of cancer and carcinogenesis
  21. Radioisotopes
  22. Investigation techniques : (LCD-Topics ) Colorimeter, Electrophoresis, Chromatography & Flame photometer

Best Books

Following MBBS Books are recommended for Biochemistry in First year MBBS:

Textbooks of Biochemistry

  1. Medical Biochemistry – U.Satyanarayan
  2. Lippincott Illustrated Reviews of Biochemistry
  3. Biochemistry for Medical students by D.M.Vasudevan & Shree Kumari
  4. Medical Biochemistry by M.N. Chatterjea and Rana Shinde
  5. Text Book of Medical Biochemistry by Ramakrishnan, Prasannan & Rajan
  6. Medical Biochemistry by Debajyoti Das
  7. Biochemistry by A.C.Deb

Reference Books

  1. Harper’s Illustrated Biochemistry
  2. Medical Biochemistry by N.V.Bhagwan
  3. Biochemistry by L.Stryer
  4. Biochemistry by Orten & Neuhans

If we have missed any MBBS Books or any part of syllabus, feel free to mention them in comments and keep the list updated.

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    • B.D Chaurasia is considered the bible of Anatomy in India. The book has received many updates since it was first introduced. If you still wish to go for other books, you can go for Gray’s anatomy mixed up with Acland’s Video Tutorials. Do perform cadaver dissections if you wish to learn anatomy deeply.

  1. hello sir, i am pharm.d student. (Doctor of pharmacy). Sir it is also related to the same subjects as the mbbs of first year. i want to know that U satanyarana is enough for biochemistry or there is any other better book ? sir what are job opportunities in the hospital for a pharm.d graduate?


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