MBA after MBBS vs MHA- Scope and Salary [Guide]

Wondering if you can do MBA after MBBS? Have you explored MHA as an option too? Then read our exclusive guide on MBA or MHA after MBBS which will help you understand the two in depth. Explore the scope of MBA and MHA after MBBS and learn how getting this 2-year degree will impact your salary.

MBA is one of the most opted courses in India to enter administration and management. While many doctors hardly seek this route, it is one of the finest measures you can take to switch to a non-clinical field yet retain the value of your MBBS degree. All of this clustered makes it a good career option after MBBS. You can pursue this branch in India or you can travel abroad and seek education in countries such as Canada, the UK, and the United States.

MBA and MHA meaning

MBA is Management in Business Administration while MHA stands for Master in Hospital Administration.

Course Duration

MBA and MHA are both 2-year professional courses. There are 4 semesters, comprising 6 months each.

Eligibility Criteria

For MBA, you need to be a graduate from any recognized university with a minimum of 50% percentage, 45% for reserved, same applies to MHA, graduate from any medical recognized university.

Entrance Tests

Both require to give a written test which is an MCQ paper of 1 hour. This is followed by a Group discussion and finally an Interview to assess your skills. You can also opt for IIM.

Scope of MBA and MHA

Compare which fields you can enter once doing MBA after MBBS or MHA:


MBA after MBBS is a wide-oriented degree, where after MBBS, you can choose from some of the following wide choices:

  • Sales and Operations
  • Business development
  • Licensing
  • Marketing
  • Healthcare services like hospital management
  • Healthcare consultancy
  • Non-Government organization
  • Pharmaceutical companies


MHA is limited to a narrower scope as compared to MBA and one can choose to work only in the field of Hospital management after doing MHA after MBBS.

On completing this course after MBBS, you can choose to be a medical superintendent in a medical hospital, consultant in information technology, healthcare product manager, or even claims manager in an insurance company.

So which is better? MBA or MHA?

It depends on you, whether you choose for MBA or MHA, but the scope of an MBA is rising constantly. With multiple fields open, you have more choices over MHA.

Where MHA will provide you with further specialization in the medical field, MBA after MBBS might just take you off the medical line.

MBA after MBBS: Winner

Well, practically speaking, it’s a two-way answer. On one side, you will be having the advantage of an MBA with multiple options, on another side, it will take you apart from the medical side.

Moreover, since any graduate from any line can do an MBA, you will have to face tough competition, whereas in MHA, you know you’re already a medico and win the race over other non-medicos.


Calculating the pros and cons of MBA and MHA,  MBA after MBBS is still the winner in the race, given, you are ready to take up the challenge. Read back to our Career Options after MBBS if you need more help.


Can I do MBA after my MBBS?

Of course, you can. We can pursue our ambition of administration after graduation. This 2-year course helps you enter not just hospital administration but opens up another sector too. You can enter the top MNCs once you are done.

How to do MBA after MBBS?

You will have to enroll in colleges. For this, you can contact universities and colleges providing this course. IIM is one of the finest colleges for an MBA if you are looking for options.

What are the entrance exams for MBA?

Some of the notable entrance exams include GMAT, CAT, MAT, XAT, and SNAP.

What is the salary of an MBA after MBBS?

MBBS graduates working in government hospitals in cities like Delhi earn 1,00,000-1,20,000 INR. This is boosted once you do MBA and you can earn between 2,50,000 INR to 4,50,000 INR. The average salary goes around 2,60,000 INR for MBA graduates holding MBBS degrees. This can even go higher if you obtain a post in a popular multi-national company. The salary depends on your post-HR Recruiter, Hospital Administrator, or Medical Director.

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