Kidney Stones: Lifestyle Changes You Can Make!

A huge amount of the population suffers from Kidney Stones, also known as Nephrolithiasis. We doctors commonly see patients coming up in ER with their hands on their flanks and telling us how painful it is.

We do manage the situation, but what advice would you give to those who have kidney stones? What would you tell them to eat or drink or do regarding their vulnerability to Kidney Stones?

Below are some key points that were summarized and scripted out from the Bible of Medicine, Harrison. The following points are authentic and have been validated, and do share the information to others to let them know what to do and what not to when they have Kidney Stones. Meanwhile you can also check out post on Gall Stones.

Kidney Stones Funny

For the Doctors

  • Kidney stones cause pain only when the stone moves in the ureter. Pain is actually a good sign.
  • 0-5mm stones pass 100%, 5-10 pass 70% and decreases further with size.
  • Surgical intervention is only required when there is UTI, intractable pain or anatomical abnormality.
  • T. Tamsulosin 0.4mg hs is quoted in Campbell and some articles to be relieve distal ureter stones, but not established yet.

For the People

Here are Wise Words from The Gandalf:

  • Diclofenac is the best drug for pain in kidney stones.
  • Drink atleast 2L water, 500ml more than you pee.
  • Tomatoes and Potatoes and Spinach are most common sources of stones, but an Indian simply cannot avoid them. What to do? Take Curd with these foods.
    Note: While Dietary calcium is good, supplement calcium actually contributes to stones. Shouldn’t exceed 1200ng.
  • It’s better to use lemon on tomato in salad, and avoid tomato seeds.
  • If you are non-vegetarian, perhaps you should try taking less of animal protein.
  • Less a Sodium (salt) diet is mandatory. Sucrose and fructose are other culprits.
  • Potassium is good, perhaps bananas can help?
  • Vitamin C supplements increase risk of stones.
  • Avoid Carbonated drinks, let go off Coke.
  • Tea, coffee, beer, and wine are actually helpful in kidney stones.
Kidney Stones Funny 2
Failing Kidney Stones Business Since Decades: Doctors

Let us know if you have any valuable feedback or doubts. We would so love to hear the responses!

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