Johnson and Johnson talc to cause Ovarian Cancer

Earlier this February, American jury ordered Johnson and Johnson company to pay $72 million to a long-term using woman who was found and proved to be suffering from cancer caused by Johnson and Johnson talc powder. This was the second time company paid millions of dollars to women due to cancer.

This is indeed the second time company is paying $55 million to another woman who was reported of suffering ovarian cancer. Although Krista smith as jury from the first trial already stated- “It was really clear they were hiding something” which pointed towards the company being totally responsible for their act. However, the second victim was found to be suffering from advanced stage ovarian cancer. This is not the whole scenario though, many other cases from round the globe had already been reported and filed cases against the J and J company.

johnson and johnson talc powder causing ovarian cancer
Johnson & Johnson is the most renowned product used by Mothers

Back in 1970s, an odorless component of the talc powder, Rose, was already found in the ovarian sections of the patients. This again blames the company for being irresponsible and not issuing the warnings about the long term use of the powder.

Currently, the most appropriate reason appears to be use of talc powder by woman around their genital regions. This can be attributed to the carcinogen reaching the ovaries. However, it has not been settled yet. Disputes continue to revolve around the company, and Johnson and Johnson are still trying their best to recover from the depth of losses. However, the company still discusses about the safety of it’s products.

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