Indian Toilets vs Western Toilets


Defecation or passing stool is a physiological process through which an organism passes feces or more specifically, waste products.

The human concept of defecation techniques has evolved over time accompanied by positions of passing stool.

That indeed sounds funny thing to write upon, but today, we are going to answer the most weirdest question of all times, WHICH IS BETTER- INDIAN TOILET VS WESTERN TOILET.

For once, you may think, what’s so special in knowing about it, it’s the same thing. On other hand, there are some who say Indian toilets are far better than Western toilets, while others say western are more comfortable than Indian toilets or the Turkey toilets.

Indian Toilet

Indian pots are where one sits with thighs flexed upon abdomen. This is called SQUATTING POSITION of passing stool.

Indian toilet or Turkey toilet or the Squat toilet is not actually so called Indian, it has history following from Turkey (Turkey toilet), where it spread to rest of the Asia. Ofcourse most primates sit and do the shit like that, and it has the most significant history over Western Pots.

Advantages of Indian toilet

Pros of Indian toilet are as:-

  • Since the person is in squat position, his thighs are flexed over the abdomen. Now, doing this, you are actually increasing the pressure in the abdomen, while simultaneously decreasing the capacity of abdomen. This results in easy expulsion of Stool. Hence, one can say, Squatting position in squat toilets is ideally the best position for passing stool.
  • Less chances of Urinary tract infection or UTI, since there is minimal direct contact with the toilet.
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Disadvantages of Indian toilets

Cons of Indian toilet are as:-

  • Not comfortable for old people, patients of osteoarthritis, and those undergone recent surgeries.
  • More severe is the bursting of brain aneurysm which can even lead to death. The person applying pressure can accidentally burst aneurisms in his brain, if any, and those are really fatal to life.
  • Blackouts are more common, since Valsalva maneuver leads to increased intra-thoracic pressure and reduced supply to brain.

Western Toilet

Western pots is where one sits down with hips on pot and thighs semi-flexed. This is called SIT DOWN POSITION of passing Stool.

Western toilets are nowadays more popular, originated in Britain, from where it spread to rest of western countries.

Advantages of Western toilet

Pros of western toilets are as:-

  • They are considered more comfortable than Indian toilets since one is simply sitting with hardly any strain on any muscle. Convenient for old age people, patients of osteoarthritis and those undergone recent surgery.
  • Some also consider this as modality for social status, while this is not a stronger fact to support it as advantage of western toilets.

Cons of Western Toilets

  • There is considerable direct skin contact with the pot, therefore, more chances of Infections.
  • There is relative more effort in process of passing stool, as compared to Indian toilets.


Overall, they both stand their own. Although, “omg, water out” is always the worst thing to worry about. It’s all up to you which one you choose, none is forcing you of-course. But reconsider the pros and cons of Indian and Western toilets when you walk to the doors to do the job.

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Hope you enjoyed the article. Try sharing your thoughts to let us understand better. You may also interest in Stool Color Meanings.


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