Applying for PLAB 1 Visa for UK: Cover Letter & Documents

Already booked PLAB 1 overseas in the UK but don’t know where to start for UK Visa for the PLAB exam? Or heartbroken because your visa got rejected?

This article will answer every question you can dig into on how to get a visa to give PLAB 1 for GMC registration, including Cover letter format, Invitation letter, Documents required, and experience whilst traveling to the UK. There is another post on Plab 1 Study Materials- Free and Paid which you can check out too.

Can I get UK Visa for Plab 1?

Of course, you can! If you have eligibility and have booked your Plab Part 1 exam date in the UK after passing IELTS or OET, you can straight away apply for the visa.

You just need to know when and which documents you will require for PLAB 1 visa along with a very detailed cover letter. All these points are covered below.

Once done with the visa, you will need to create your own study schedule accordingly, please avoid following the other “3-month study plans”.

When to apply?

The earliest time you can apply for a UK visa is 3 months before traveling to the UK. Let’s say you booked on 1st January for an exam date 1st March, then you can apply on 1st January itself.

Don’t be late because it takes time for UK visa processing. You can check out my post on Advanced Tricks for Booking PLAB 1 Slot here.

What Visa is required for PLAB 1?

You will need to apply for a Standard Visitor visa and there you will need to pick the Visit to study> Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board (PLAB) test.

Useful Posts

Other guides you can check out:

UK Visa Fees

It depends on which service you pick, but out of the three available options, you need to pick Standard Visitor Visa.

Standard Visitor Visa

A standard visitor visa for 6 months will cost you £100. This is the one you are going to pick for your exam. It comes usually within 3-6 weeks but can be late sometimes, hence, the earliest booking is highly recommended.

Priority Visa

This one is a bit high and costs £500 plus the application fee. So that will be a total of £600 overall. You will receive your visa within 5 working days through this approach.

Super Priority

Comes within one day and is very costly (£956) but don’t bother, because you can’t get this one anyways. Either way, not recommended method for PLAB 1 visa.

What to do if applied for Visa but get delayed

My advice? If you need it desperately, your only option is to cancel the current one and book a fresh one such as a Priority visa. You cannot apply for two visas simultaneously.

Applying UK Visa for PLAB Exam

The steps for Applying for a UK Visa for the PLAB exam are:

Total Time: 28 days

Visiting Visa Website

PLAB 1 Visa for UK Step 1

Visit the UK Government website here and click Apply now.

Picking language

PLAB 1 Visa Step 2

Pick your primary language as English.

Selecting a Country for the Biometrics

PLAB 1 Visa Step 3

Select a country where you will give your Biometrics (Face and Thumb scanning).

Confirming Visa Application Centre Locations

PLAB 1 UK Visa Step 4

Check available visa application centre locations> I have identified my biometrics (find one nearest to you, do a bit of research lazy bum).

Finalizing Application Form

PLAB 1 UK Visa Step 5

Complete the application form and make sure the details are correct. There will be no coming back from this step.

Paying Fees

Finish the steps by paying the UK Visa fees.

Providing the Biometrics

Provide Face and Thumb scans at the visa office. Carry your documents (you will not require PLAB 1 visa documents you submitted but only the application form, receipt, and passport).


Wait for visa processing. A standard Visitor PLAB 1 Visa should ideally take no more than 4 weeks.

Important Points to note

  • You can come back to every step UNTIL you have not submitted the final application and moved to document uploading.
  • For payment, preferably use a credit card with foreign transactions allowed.
  • Make sure to pick a sponsor if someone else is supporting you in finances for your trip to the UK

Notable Questions

Is a TB test required?

No, it is for visa stay requiring more than 6 months of stay. We are applying for PLAB 1 visa which will be done in less than 6 months.

Is BRP required?

A Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) is required only if the stay is more than 6 months at a time. We are applying for PLAB 1 Visa for the UK for less than 6 months, so don’t bother about it now.

Providing Biometrics- What to expect?

You can either upload all documents or pick the service to scan (SMS service is good, lounge service is not required but can go if you really don’t want to wait in queue for hours).

To make it convenient, I have highlighted the recommended services from VFS Global for Indian students applying for PLAB 1 Visa for the Uk below:

ServiceAmount (in INR)
Courier Fees704
Convenience Fee650
Courier Assurance (including Courier charges)880
Premium Lounge3200
Form Filling2200
Prime Time Passport Collection616
Hold at Location704
Printout service30
Two-Way Courier Charges1628
Walk-In Without Appointment (during submission hours only)4500
Some VFS Global Services are actually good while applying for PLAB 1 Visa

PLAB UK Visa Requirements

This part you have to break down in simple terms. You need to prove that you will return to your country after the exam. For this, some important key points on documents which you can show are:

  • Showing tie with native country
  • Show job- salary slip
  • Show savings- 4x the expenditure
  • Show sponsor
  • Show an invitation letter from a family member in the UK
  • Not required because visa might be rejected, pursue only if confident-
    • Show accommodation in the UK (hotel or your family stay)
    • Show flight tickets (costly, even costlier if refundable. I did not book but I got it for the day next after I got my visa)
I don't understand why people underestimate the power of a cover letter and ignore it like waste of time. A perfect cover letter will definitely get you UK Visa grant for PLAB exam. Please, don't skip it.

To be honest, I am a very skeptical person. I had my own struggles in booking PLAB 1 slot, as GMC announced dates were over (and the expected ones were for a year after). You can check my post on Best Tricks to Book Plab 1 Exam Seat.

I wanted to get the PLAB 1 visa anyhow. In a panic, I uploaded 54 documents (I know how stupid this sounds but yeah, I did it!).

You can check out my list below, I have highlighted the important ones:

List of Documents Required for PLAB 1 Visa

  1. My Passport
  2. Copy of my National ID (Aadhar card for Indians)
  3. Personal Affidavit
  4. A letter from the relevant UK authority confirming arrangements
    • My PLAB 1 Booking Confirmation
  5. My Academic Certificates
    • Copy of High School (10th) and Secondary School (12th) Certificates
    • Copy of My MBBS certificates
    • NEET PG Application (as I showed a gap of 6 months for my exam studies in India)
  6. My DMC (Delhi Medical Council) registration
  7. Joining letter in the hospital where I was working
  8. Evidence of family members in my home country whilst I travel
    • Copy of Mother’s National ID
  9. Evidence of Home Address
    • Copy of Utility bill (Gas)
  10. My Accommodation in the UK
    • Invitation letter from my brother
    • Copy of his passport, Residence permit, Utility bills and Bank statement for 6 months
    • Documents related to my finances
  11. My 6-month bank statement
  12. Documents related to financial support from my mother
    • My mother’s letter of support
    • My mother’s Affidavit of Financial Support
    • My mother’s 6-month bank statement
  13. My Vaccination details (2 + Booster dose)
  14. A PDF file explaining the heading- “Why I was unable to book Plab 1 exam in India” – How do you book or cancel a place – PLAB 1 guide – GMC

How to save PDF File for GMC Booking

To save any web page as a PDF file, simply give a print command and set the destination to “Save as PDF”. The below screenshot might make things clearer:

Format of Invitation Letter

You can download my format for the Invitation letter here. It was pretty simple though, but a signature from the person inviting you to the UK is mandatory.

Cover Letter Format for PLAB 1 Visa for UK

I know you scrolled to find this! Click below to download my cover letter:


What to carry on Biometrics day?

I was carrying my originals as well as copies, and a full bag of documents. But none of them was asked, instead, only the following three were required:

  1. Application form
  2. Passport
  3. Appointment letter

Unable to Login to VFS?

If you lose your ID or are unable to log in to the Biometrics provider (VFS in India), simply head to UK Visa mail where you will find a link.

Forgot VFS Global Login ID Easy way to login

Notably, while at the counter for tokens, please don’t say you are going to stay for 10 days or 15 days, just say I have applied for a 6-month PLAB 1 visa.

What to expect on the day of biometrics?

  1. When you arrive at the visa center, you will first have to find UK Visa Center. Once found, review your passport and appointment letter at security.
  2. Then reach the counter and get a token number after some queries the official will make.
  3. Wait for biometrics- Scan eye, face, and thumb

Wait time for PLAB 1 UK Visa?

Mine was 12 weeks (yes I panicked and had to seek help in this), but PLAB 1 Visa usually comes within 3-6 weeks.

My Experience after flying to the UK

My experience at UK Airport

It was stupefying! I was scared of how many questions I will be asked (usual movie experience). But here is how my conversation went:

>Friendly immigration officer- What is your purpose of visit?
>My reply- "Plab 1 exam for doctors in UK"
>Officer's reply- "Oh NHS? Best of luck!!!"

And whoosh, we were done.

Tip: Do memorize where you are going to stay and for how long, just in case.

After I got out of the airport

I was clueless because it was my first time visiting the UK. Tried to book a cab at the airport- 15k INR! Tried Uber- Indian phone number was unacceptable, and the payment mode was rejected (both credit card and cash). Finally called my brother for rescue as it was a 1-hour drive only.

Overall experience

Trust me, the UK is entirely a different region. I have never seen so smiling and happy people. You will absolutely love it there if you like peace. If you are a super lively and social person, you will find it lonely as there are hardly any people around.

Additional Resources

Some Ultra Short Notes I made while preparing for my exam:

Guidelines to check out for PLAB 1 (crafted from NICE CKS)

Wishing you good luck with your visa application as well as your journey to the UK. See you there fellas!

Please make sure to drop “Thanks” in the comments if this post helps you get your UK Visa for the PLAB exam. Otherwise expecting a free beer in the UK.

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    • Sure! For Plab 1, I uploaded these in respective categories. Too much I know, but I am a very skeptical person and wanted visa at any cost. However, one should try to post only relevant documents because uploading more will means more processing time.

    • Reasons for Plab Uk Visa denial:

      1. Financial statement – failure to clearly state availability of funds and legitimacy of the funds. Failure to establish connection with your sponsor.
      2. Itinerary– failure to give a logical breakdown of your time in the UK. 
      3. Ties to home country– easiest established by an employer statement.
      4. Improper/Lacking Cover Letter
      5. Recreational courses– showing Plab 2 academies.
  1. Thankyou So much!!!
    Cleared so many things I had in my mind.
    My exam is booked on august 10 in uk.
    I will start applying for visa now…
    I know I’m very late but I had issues.
    What do you think I can do to get it earlier?


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