How To Earn Pocket Money Online During Medical School

Hello guys, I am rolling out this post since i myself made quite a money by working online. What’s good that it didn’t affect my studies much as it was a part time work which I can do sitting at my place. While concerning about MBBS salary is what you should do after finishing MBBS, I will tell you ways you can earn while doing MBBS from Internet.

How to Earn from Online Working :

  1. Freelancing
  2. Blogging
  3. YouTube
  4. PayToClick Programs
  5. Affiliate Marketing


Before you start with it, you should know what is freelancing. It is anything you can do to earn money while providing service to people. I have worked on Fiverr successfully and tried Freelancer too, but didn’t work out for me because of the complexity and competition. You can try other networks too, just google them.


Before we go, have a look at my earnings in 1.5 months. Perhaps I was lucky to grab that much, or maybe I worked hard for it, I just don’t know yet. You can follow me on Fiverr on My Profile for ideas.

Fiverr Earnings MedicForYou
Fiverr Earnings MedicForYou

Join here for Fiverr

My advice to beginners is try to make a gig of 5$ for the start. Don’t try to earn fast and heavy, because that is likely to turn into disappointment. Go slow, you level up, you gain rank for your gig. Another important trick is to use Buyer’s Request option to reach your customers. Always try a good format to persuade them to work with you.

I start as follows:

Hello sir,

Would you like to see the sample of the work before you can choose? Just reply with a message and I will get back to you in no time.


This is professionalism. Always try to take projects which you can do. Otherwise you will just waste your time and your customers. What more is important that you only get 10 buyer requests per day. So, I will strictly ask you to choose the right customers for your day.

Coming to how genuine is Fiverr. Well, I too was doubtful since I never earned that much on online. But I had a friend who helped me gain trust and there I was, withdrawing my funds within 19 days.

How do you withdraw from Fiverr?

Currently, there are two option, Bank Transfer and Paypal. I haven’t tried PayPal because I heard that it deducts alot before money can reach in your hands. So, I approached Bank Transfer via Payoneer.

Sign up for Payoneer Here

Payoneer takes no fees when transferring from Fiverr! I was amazed and overwhelmed with this. But there’s a trick from them. When Dollar to Rupee is 67.1, they will pay each of your dollar for around 65.1. It kind of irritates, but I ignore since the service is too good. The money comes within 1-2 days directly into my Indian bank account.

There’s another drawback with Payoneer, it seriously takes time to get approved. You have to provide them with your ID proof, I would suggest you keep two proofs. I used my elector id card first, then they asked another with clear photo. So, I replied to their mail with my National Id Card (Aadhar Card). Try to keep the address of payoneer bank account and the proof same.

If you are still struck with the approval process, try calling them on Fridays through live chat option. Your account will get approved within no time. Just tell them you need it desperately and what you need to give them to approve.

Have a look at the concluding key points again :

  • Make a gig at Fiverr, make it best for SEO and your viewer (if you need help, just type in comments)
  • Start slow with 5$
  • Use 10 Buyer’s Request per day
  • Sign up on Payoneer for Bank Transfer
  • Work and Get Paid


I won’t review it since I haven’t used it because of the complexity- certificates and the competition. Although I get 2-3 mails everyday which are quite persuading to work at Freelancer, but it’s hard to find time amidst studies and Fiverr. Nevertheless, you can always try it and look if you can get any project.


Update: I had migrated my free Blogspot to WordPress,  and the results were marvelous. Earnings had increased 10X and investment was worth it!

Blogging is indeed one of the most successful way of making money, and yes, a steady passive income. Start by making a blog at Blogspot. Why choose blogspot and not WordPress, Weebly or any other? Answer is simple. Blogspot is the only platform where you can apply for Adsense without buying the domain. On others, you will have to buy domain. Although WordPress and others are easy to setup, Blogspot requires skill and web designing. You can mail me if you need help.

After you have set up your Blogspot website, just start posting. Make around 20-30 posts in 6 months, since Google has stated that Indian and some other countries bloggers need to have the website 6 months old before they can apply for the Adsense.

Once you are done, apply for Adsense. I got my approval after 1.5 years, obviously I lacked skills and knowledge, but hey I made it. There are a many things before you should apply for Adsense, but it is always better to seek out help and let the Service Providers set up your website for Adsense. I have learnt one thing about Adsense, it’s hard to get in, but it is the BEST paying network among all others on the internet.

Another important thing about blogging before we finish the topic, is that always seek something that is near your field of interest. Say mine, I choose this blog because I am a medical student. Apart from helping me study, it helps me keep interest for the time being. Otherwise you will get bored and leave the hard-work behind.


And there we are, YouTube! It is so easy to earn from YouTube since you can apply for Adsense without waiting for the Approval. It is like click and get approval. Please note you cannot get approval for blog with Adsense which has been approved by YouTube. It is best to make another account and apply again.

How to setup YouTube? Simply make an account at YouTube, start uploading and use SEO perfectly. Do a keyword research for the videos and meta tags, and do lots of social sharing, just don’t hesitate to share your hard work.

Once you have uploaded the video, simply head to Video Manager and monetize the video. And the video will start making money for you as long as it stays on YouTube (forever I mean).

Post on a regular basis, avoid copyright issues (like links to pirated software) and adult stuff. Use a logo, a YouTube Intro and Outro and brand your channel to gain subscribers and trust.

If you need help with any question regarding YouTube, comments section is always welcome.


Update: I’m currently using It is much easier to use and is currently the best PPC Program.

I have tried Adfly so far. The revenue is low (0.00050$ for a click), but you can earn with every click and it’s easy to share it. You can message your friends or share it elsewhere, but I will suggest it’s best to share it Blog or YouTube video description.

You can sign up for here

You can sign up for Adfly here

There are other PTC networks of-course. Just Google them and you will find a list. It is always worthy to learn about every way you can earn.


Affiliate marketing is easy to understand. Say we sign up for Amazon affiliate program, we get links of products selling on Amazon, and if someone buys it through our link, we get paid. Simple, right?

Don’t try to use it to buy your own products, because that money won’t go in your wallet. Amazon is smart enough to calculate and spot it.

Join up Amazon here

Other Top Affiliate Marketing Network is Flipkart. I found Amazon was better in terms of Flipkart. We can say people tend to buy cheaper products, and Amazon has better prices than Flipkart. However, you can choose on your will.

You can sign up for Flipkart Affiliate here

Another great thing about Affiliate Marketing is, that even people click your link for a product and they buy another product instead, you still get paid for that other product bought. Cool, right?

So that was all for now guys, if there’s anything you would love to know, just leave a comment. I will surely add the topic to this blog and update it. I believe you guys can help me too, for I will help you too.`

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