How to Create Your Own PLAB 1 Preparation Study Schedule

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Many PLAB 1 students struggle with finding an appropriate preparation study schedule for their exam. You will find plenty of pre-built preparation suggesting time table and blah blah plans. Ask yourself a simple question- “Can you study according to a study schedule someone else created?”

The answer is obviously “No”. Why? Because your dates are different, your study material is different, your timeline is unique and most of all, they don’t know whether you are working or not. In such a scenario, you need to make your own timetable to study for PLAB 1.

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If you are done with your IELTS for GMC and successfully booked your PLAB 1 seat, then you can make your own study schedule by simply following the 6 steps given below.

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Creating your Plab 1 Preparation Study Schedule

Time needed: 12 minutes.

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PLAB 1 Study Schedule: Creating Your Own Preparation

  1. Install OneNote

    Firstly, we will require OneNote app in Windows to create our custom PLAB 1 Timetable. You can download it here for your laptop.Plab 1 Study Schedule Timetable Step 1 Install OneNote

  2. Creating new page

    Open OneNote app and create new notebook and section and add a page to it.Plab 1 Study Schedule Timetable Step 2 Create New Notebook

  3. Creating new table
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    To begin creating our custom PLAB 1 timetable, simple add a new table. Create a table of 6×7 table.Plab 1 Study Schedule Timetable Step 3 Create New Table

  4. Creating a template

    Add weeks to top row. Then simply toggle your calendar to start adding dates targeting the month you need to create your PLAB 1 Study Schedule for.
    Tip: Use Tab key to quickly switch next column. Plab 1 Study Schedule Timetable Step 4 Modifying table with Calender

  5. Enhancing table with colors

    Change the color of your table first row, that is, week. Right click the entire week row and change the background color as shown below.Plab 1 Study Schedule Timetable Step 5 Setting Color to Table.

  6. Adding PLAB 1 Study Schedule

    Start adding your targets below each date. It’s easy!Plab 1 Study Schedule Timetable Step 6 Final Template

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What’s wonderful is that you can also install OneNote app in your mobile device and quickly access the calendar. I highly recommend taking the screenshot of your study schedule for PLAB 1 and setting it as wallpaper of your desktop.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ideal time for Plab 1 Preparation?

Recommended time is 3-4 months, but if you are tight on your timelines, you can try creating super strict schedule by adding 3-4 minor subjects or 2 major subjects each day. Above that and you might start having headache or start having recall issues.

What study material should I use?

I followed a simple strategy in the sequence below:
1. Plabkeys
2. Plabable question bank
3. Plabable Gems
4. Plabable NORMAL mocks (3-4 only)
5. Plabable Big Mocks (minimum 3-5)
6. Plabkeys Big Mock (released 10 days before exam date)
You can check out my complete guide on study material for PLAB 1 here.

Which is better- Plabable or Medrevisions?

I have serious reasons to belief why Plabable is far better than Medrevisions which are as:
1. Medrevisions has plagiarism issues. Many of their questions are copied from Plabable (Dr. Sze, owner of Plabable, have been showing the proof in every Revision course since long)
2. Their question bank is poorly written.
3. The company is not even established in UK (the payment mode is not even GBP).
4. We don’t know who works in Medrevisions, as for Plabable, we know the teachers are working in NHS already.

Why only 3-5 Normal Plabable Mocks are recommended?

Trust me, after 3-5 normal mocks, you will start answering questions reading few words only within seconds. Why? Because of the recall bias. You already know the question, you already know the answer. There is no useful information you are adding to your brain.

How many revisions are good?

I did 11 revisions, maybe because I failed PLAB 1 in August (my own blunders). But till the end, I felt I needed more. But still, at least 1-2 revisions are strictly recommended.

Is 3 months enough for PLAB 1?

The answer purely depends on your existing knowledge base and routine. Yes, it is doable. I have seen people doing PLAB 1 in 1 month too, but trust me, it required a lot of dedication and hard work. Do not go Medrevisions if you are planning to go quick. Go through gems and question bank from Plabable instead.

Is Plabable enough for PLAB 1?

Plabable has, so far, the best success rate compared to any other platform out there. Gems and Question bank are the biggest study material for PLAB 1. Yes, Plabable is sufficient alone if done properly and thoroughly.

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