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Medicine is one of the most loved subjects by every medico in the fourth year of MBBS. And the standards are really set by the book you read. Harrison is the most widely used book by doctors and students to gain perfection in Medicine. Below are the links to download the Harrison- Principles of Medicine: 20th edition eBook for free in PDF format.

Harrison Medicine PDF Book

The free eBook has over 3000 pages. It provides the most illustrative diagrams ever a book can provide. With so many revisions since the first edition, this book has gained tremendous popularity in the medical world. Every inch of it is perfectly written and hard to deny by the medical associations.

For every Post-graduate exam after MBBS, this book is used most to study medicine. Even the coaching says it’s the best book, right?


Many students choose to “just pass” in medicine with short summary books or doing 10-year question papers at their university. But they forget Medicine is what truly defines a Doctor.

The subject is too vast, but a stone a day fills the pot, right? Harrison is the most recommended textbook if you ask any doctor. Why? Because it is the standard book for every medico.

Suggestions to those who are looking forward to establishing a base in Medicine are as follows:

  1. Read this book, not fast enough, not too slow. Read it thoroughly, don’t try to grab only important points. Every bit of it is important. Once you have read it thoroughly, you will be able to co-relate other subjects easily.
  2. If you need help, the following are some posts that can greatly help you in medicine. They have been made short but explained to the level of a medical student. These are:

Harrison Medicine PDF eBook Download

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