Ganong Physiology Review PDF Book Download

The Ganong Physiology Review is one of the books used by Medical students in their first year of Physiology subject. The PDF version of this book helps MBBS students establish a base with well-defined concepts and mechanisms in physiology. You can download the latest edition through the links given below.

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Ganong Physiology Review PDF Book

The Ganong Review of Physiology has over 727 pages that cover 8 sections as follows:

Section One: Medical Physiology’s Cellular and Molecular Basis

  • Medical Physiology: General Principles & Energy Production
  • Medical Physiology: Overview of Cellular Physiology
  • Infection, inflammation, and immunity
  • Inflammable Tissue: Nerve
  • Muscle Synaptic & Junctional Transmission: Excitable Tissue
  • Neuromodulators & Neurotransmitters

Section Two: Cognitive and Motor Neurophysiology

  • The transmission of touch, pain, and temperature by the somatosensory system
  • Vision
  • Hearing and Stability
  • Aroma and Taste
  • Posture and movement control through reflex and intention
  • System of Autonomic Nerves
  • Circadian rhythms, sleep-wake states, and brain electrical activity
  • Language, speech, learning, and memory

Section Three: Endocrine and sexual mechanics

  • Fundamental Ideas in Endocrine Regulation
  • Regulation of Hormonal Activities by the Hypothalamus
  • Intestinal Gland
  • The Thymus Gland
  • The adrenal cortex and adrenal medulla
  • The Physiology of Bone and Hormonal Control of Calcium and Phosphate Metabolism
  • Female Reproductive System: Reproductive Development & Function
  • Male Reproductive System Activity
  • Pancreatic Endocrinology and Control of Carbohydrate Metabolism

Section Four: Digestive system physiology

  • Overview of Digestive System Regulation and Function
  • Principles of Nutrition, Digestion, and Absorption
  • Digestive motility
  • Liver Transport and Metabolic Activities

Section Five: Heart Mechanics

  • The cause of heartbeats and heart electrical activity
  • A Pump for the Heart
  • Dynamics of Blood and Lymph Flow and Blood as a Circulatory Fluid
  • Mechanisms Controlling the Cardiovascular System
  • Specialized Region Circulation

Section Six: Breathing biology

  • Pulmonary Structure and Mechanics Overview
  • pH and Gas Transport
  • Regulation of Renal Physiology and Respiration

Section Seven: Urination and Kidney Functioning

  • Control of Extracellular Fluid Volume and Composition
  • Urinary Acidification and Bicarbonate Excretion

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If you need First Year Syllabus, you can check MBBS Syllabus here.

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Ganong is one of the finest books that cover basic fundamentals of physiology. It is another good book with detailed parameters, diagrams, and illustrations apart from an easy-to-understand text.

The book starts with a great Range of Normal Values in Blood. Covering 8 sections with 40 chapters in total, the book also features Multiple Choice Questions which have answers at the end of the book.

You should really not try to skip physiology as this base subject is going to help you throughout your medical career.

Ganong Physiology Review PDF Book Download

You can download the Ganong Review of Physiology 24th edition by the links given below. Please note that if you need the 25th, you will have to mail us.

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