First Human Head Transplant Project Heaven Gemini

In July 2013, Italian neurosurgeon Dr Sergio Canavero made the world aware of his plans of performing the ritual against nature.

“If Heaven is reckless, nature is crazier, and nature must be given pause when it comes to what it does to us all as creatures on this planet”- Dr. Sergio Canavero

He told the world that head anastomosis ventures can be made possible. Question is, what is head anastomosis? The word speaks for itself, joining the head of one person with another. WAIT, WHAT??

Dr Sergio Canavero
Dr Sergio Canavero

The project was named HEAVEN-GEMINI and there’s a Volunteer now to make this landmark in the history of mankind come alive!

Volunteer for HEAVEN GEMINI

Valery Spiridonov
Valery Spiridonov

Dr. Sergio Canavero, from Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group (TANG), has finally found a recipient volunteer for project HEAVEN GEMINI.

Who is this Volunteer and why he wants to volunteer for Heaven Gemini?

This volunteer is Valery Spiridonav, a 30-year-old computer scientist from Vladimir, Russia. He was diagnosed with Werdnig-Hoffman disease at age of 1.

Werdnig-Hoffman disease or Type 1 spinal muscular dystrophy is a rare genetic muscle-wasting condition in which a patient is unable to walk or even sit without aid.

This is because of the loss of motor neurons in the spinal cord and area of the brain. Spiridonav has made his thoughts clear that he is indeed hesitating and worried, but he wants to see himself walk before he dies.


The most complex surgery will take 100 surgeons almost 36 hours to finish it. The donor body will be connected with Recipient’s head with Spinal Cord Fusion (SCF).

The surgery will typically start by cutting off the donor body with help of ‘ULTRA SHARP BLADE’ to have minimal damage to neurons. Then, this removed body of the donor will be fused with the spinal cord of the recipient’s head using chemicals called Polyethylene Glycol or Chitosan. Following the spinal cord fusion or SCF, the muscles will be ligated and the blood supply will be sutured.

The patient will be required to be in a coma and have heavy immunosuppressants to prevent the body part of the recipient from rejecting the donor body. The coma will be induced for 3-4 weeks.

Another major problem as Dr Canavero described here is that it is very difficult to keep a patient healthy during a coma for such a long period.

If all the procedure is successful and the host body accepts the donor, it will be followed by Physical rehabilitation therapy for 1 year to make spiridonav walk with the brand new body.

Expect this remarkable wonder from Dr Sergio Cannavaro in 24 months,i.e, 2017.

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