Exit Exam after MBB : MCI and IMA proposal

In AIPGMEE 2014, taking 50% criteria, the results were clear- Govt.- 22,802; Private-8,862 and Foreign institutions-1,188 passed the post graduate exam.

This has concerned MCI as they believe, in need of generating doctors in India, they have lost the ‘Quality’ of doctors. And so, they have come up with new proposal- EXIT EXAM TEST, which will be taken after a student has passed all his 5 years of MBBS.

This has been widely criticised by the students all over India, while some continue to support it. Not just the students, IMA (Indian Medical Association) have also clashed in between the need of EXIT EXAM TEST.

What is EXIT EXAM?

Exit Exam is a license to be called as Graduate and Practice as Doctor.

Proposed by ministry in presence of MCI and IMA, it is more of licensing exam to be called as ‘GRADUATE’ even after you have completed your MBBS. It is also known as ‘all-india-chapter’. Let’s clear this. Currently, doctors get registration after MBBS from MCI to practice in their state. If they have to move and practice in another state, they have to take registration from MCI for that state. According to MCI, if a student passes exit exam, he will no longer need to register with MCI for practise in different states, rather, he can practice anywhere in India with Exit Exam certificate.

Some officials have also said that this can also limit the students who don’t pass Exit Exam, from giving PG exams!

What MCI believes

Every year, 100,00 students give PG exams, and 25,000 pass from them. There is a need to check the quality of doctors India is getting with time. This exit exam will test both government as well as private college students if they can actually practice.

Countries like US,China,Thailand, Australia and UK are already having licensing exams after final year of MBBS to become graduate, so why not India? Not just the students, this will also help MCI to rank colleges.

Apart from just an exit exam, it will also give Doctors a hassle free opportunity to practise anywhere in India as explained by the term ‘all-india-chapter’.

What IMA thinks

IMA has currently criticised the need of an Exit Exam after MBBS in India with belief that Practical Knowledge is more important.

An exit exam will create two kinds of doctors in society, one who passed exit exam and are superior, others who didn’t, tagged as inferior.

“Those students who are unable to clear the Exit Exam, their 5 years of MBBS will go nothing but in vain”- said K.K Aggarwal. He added,”MCI should rather propose combined level entrance exams to ensure quality”. NEET is one such proposal from IMA. IMA has asked to replace, not add, final year exam by exit exam.

Not just this, it also questions the credibility of MBBS course, which is considered the toughest graduate course in the world.

And finally, the students after MBBS already have burden of preparing for PG exams, this will just add another headache for students.

What Students have in mind

Students opinions are worth noting. While some enlighten the fact that MBBS is already a long course, with a follow up of preparation of PG,then doing PG, then job and then finally settling with a life-long of companionship with books; others still support exit exam saying that this is no issue with them since they are always prepared to be better.

The question is, Do you support exit exam? Do you want it to pass or you want to raise voice against this proposal of ministry?

Leave your precious words to let us know what you believe.

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