Doctor beaten in Dhule Hospital Mumbai, Assault may cause Eye Loss

Assaults on doctors are not new, but Dhule doctor who was beaten in hospital is worse than ever.  Regardless of the assurance from the medical corporations and police for the law, the government has actually failed to provide a sustainable law for the protection of doctors.

The assault on Dhule Doctor named Rohan Mhamunar was just one of the attacks that happen almost daily in India. It was a disgrace to the medical community and yet, the government has nothing to do with it.

It was Sunday night, 12th March when a group of people entered the casualty in Dhule hospital, Mumbai with accident victim. The attending was Doctor Rohan Mhamunar, 35 years old young doctor who recently joined Dhule Government Hospital.

Carrying the CT scan reports of the patient who suffered a brain haemorrhage, the doctor asked the relatives to move the patient to super-specialty centre and see a neurosurgeon who can help better.

Bursting out, the relatives of the patient started hitting the doctor with rods, chairs, table and scissors. The attack was initiated in the ward, however, upon noticing the CCTV camera, they moved the doctor to doctor’s room where the assault was brutally continued.

The injuries included chest and back injuries with one so severe that the doctor may lose his left eye. The doctor was beaten and ultimately left unconscious as the assault ended and the relatives of patient were satisfied.

There is indeed Maharashtra Medicare Act 2010 but it seems like people don’t really care about laws when it comes to taking revenge from the doctors. The resident doctors in Dhule have currently refrained from working in the hospitals criticizing the assault on doctor and are demanding police protection.

Do you feel such assaults on doctors should be stopped? That there should be a way to handle such events and that the so called “hand of god” should not be made a lamb at disgraceful moments? We would love to hear your thoughts.

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