Diagnosis of Exclusion

Welcome to the all new idea docs, we are spreading the knowledge and the marvelous idea of using Diagnosis of Exclusion as a method to becoming the perfect medical practitioner. Diagnosis of exclusion may appear as a slower technique to use in daily medical life, but if you master it, you can be our House MD! Yeah true, the show House Md also features Diagnosis of Exclusion as a methodology for finding the root cause of diseases. This technique is most reliable and missing out the disease is almost impossible.

So why use it? Well, if you still have not got we tried to explain above, this whole website will make you understand what we wish you to understand.


Almost every doctor/medical practitioner reaches out the cause of disease of patient directly, meaning, he gets what the patient is having problem and he seeks to the cause of disease and treats it. Well, that is one thing, but you can’t reach out to every patients problem by this approach, and this is where Diagnosis of Exclusion comes.

Diagnosis of Exclusion is an approach of “Ruling out every other possible disease and achieving the Differential diagnosis to provide best treatment regimens”. One may simply call it the Zebra!

Query- Can it be used in daily practice?

Of course it can be, as long as you keep practicing it, the better you get. At first, it may be hard to do, but with practice, you will be making Diagnosis of Exclusions at the very face of patient. It all depends on how keen you are in learning it.

Well, even if you wish not to use it everyday, you can still seek it when the medical knowledge of the patient is scarce, and you don’t have enough evidences to verify the diagnosis. This is where it may be best approach.


Let’s say a patient of chest pain comes to you, and you are supposed to find out the cause. If you can recall the following features at that time, then you definitely got it:

diagnosis of

With ruling out every other cause of chest discomfort, we can find out what is the exact issue with our patient. We surely don’t want to mix it up, do we?


Diagnosis of Exclusion is a very passionate and reliable technique worth mastering, all you need is focus and practice with some patience indeed. Some may find it irrelevant to see it as something bigger, but hey, are you saying Dr.House is Idiot? Surely not! We hope you find more useful information worth learning from our upcoming blogs.

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