Delhi Fights Covid 19 Amidst The Third Wave


Outside the Emergency of Rajeev Gandhi Super Specialty Hospital as I hear my senior explain the condition of my known-to patient during counsel sessions, I’m called by a staff for assistance. A young mid-20s female sitting blank over there, asks me in quiet tone- “Sir, my 1 month kid is covid positive, where should i go?” To be honest, my first clue was Chacha Nehru Hospital, but again, she said she has already been there and Ram Manohar Lohiya Hospital too.

Warriors in Rajeev Gandhi Super Specialty Hospital are already doing their best under guidance of Dr. Vikas Dogra Sir and Dr. Ajeet Jain Sir and the hospital is currently the one which is having most available vacant ventilator beds to hold the critical victims of the pandemic. But the question is, how far can we fight?

Covid 19 Hospital Beds ICU

Scenario 1: What if not Covid?

Delhi government has in fact set up the best (yes i mean best) organization of medical facilities to fight Covid 19 efficiently. But there are still sections that need to be looked. People who are having medical issues other than covid, are panicking because they simply don’t know where to go when situation demands.

Let me give an example again. Where will you go if you had an accident and broke your bone? Ask yourself the same question, and then ask if others around you know it too. See, it’s that simple. Casualties happen always, but we actually got no clue which path to walk. People should know what hospitals are treating the non-covid cases, and by that, I exclusively mean government run hospitals.

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Scenario 2: Lack of Concern

I’m a typical atheist, yet I firmly believe in the notion of “God’s Punishment of Covid”, when i walk outside my home and see Covidiots roaming around without masks and laughing when i ask them to wear one.

Indeed, they don’t understand the gravity of the situation, but I will gladly smile too when such people suffer out of Covid. Before you judge me, I don’t actually blame everyone, for some good bosoms also suffer for the acts of others. 

Covidiots 19
Beware of Such Creatures, Infact Don’t Be One

Irregardless of the cases that have come up in the peak of third wave in Delhi, much is needed again to re-incite the cause for care in people around us. And for the cause, i almost got touched and heartbroken, for there is actually no information practically available to the people out there, when they ask themselves, “Where should i go?”

Scenario 3: Digital doesn’t reach everyone

Rather than digitalizing everything into apps and websites, people should be granted a way out of information in the very crude sources. Not everyone is used to apps and helpline platforms are doing their best, but still unable to reach everyone (i tried calling helpline for the same lady myself).

We know our leaders are most educated and always find a way to help their people, I just heed your approach on this too. We will undoubtedly come out of this together.


I seek Delhi government as a Doctor and a Delhite, for I know the voices are heard very often in our beloved city. Kindly help such citizens with valuable medical information they seek, so they don’t have to wander around looking for a hope.

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Our guides and us will keep the fight on till our last breath, as we were taught in our Hippocratic oath to do so, but a little help will be exquisite. Concluding, Hope is everything, I’ll hope for me and you, you hope for all of us. We are always open to suggestions and feedbacks in the comments section below.

Trust me, it’s not at all FUN!


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