Cunningham Manual of Anatomy PDF Latest Edition Download

Our first day at Anatomy Dissection halls always is an adventure we tell our friends tales. We are clueless in our first year MBBS as to what source to read to help us through the misery.

This is where Cunningham’s Manual of Practical Anatomy comes into play. Download the 16th Edition of Cunningham’s Anatomy PDF here including all 3 Editions.

Cunningham Manual of Practical Anatomy PDF Download

Nausea and fainting are fairly common scenarios when we first meet the holy cadavers, our first teachers. But we panic more when we have no clue where to start understanding dissections.

Literally, the structures appear all new to us as compared to gorgeous book diagrams.

Cunningham Practical Anatomy is a fine book that goes in-depth and tries to portray exactly what we see in our dissection halls.

There are other books for first-year Anatomy as well and you can download them too:

Volume 1: Upper and Lower Limbs

Cunningham Anatomy 16th edition Volume 1- Upper and Lower Limbs has 21 chapters in total which includes the MCQs also. These are as follows:

  1. Introduction
    • General introduction
  2. Upper Limb
    • Introduction to the upper limb
    • The pectoral region and axilla
    • The back
    • The free upper limb
    • The shoulder
    • The arm
    • The forearm and hand
    • The joints of the upper limb
    • The nerves of the upper limb
    • MCQs for part 2: The upper limb
  3. Lower Limb
    • Introduction to the lower limb
    • The front and medial side of the thigh
    • The gluteal region
    • The popliteal fossa
    • The back of the thigh
    • The hip joint
    • The leg and foot
    • The joints of the lower limb
    • The nerves of the lower limb
    • MCQs for part 3: The lower limb
  4. Answers to MCQs
  5. Index

Cunningham Anatomy Volume 2 PDF Download

  • File Size: 32.2 MB
  • Page- 313

Volume 2: Thorax and Abdomen

Volume 2 of the Cunningham Dissection Manual PDF contains 21 chapters which again includes the MCQs also. The contents of this volume are as follows:

  1. Introduction
    • Introduction to the trunk
  2. The Thorax
    • Introduction to the thorax
    • The walls of the thorax
    • The cavity of the thorax
    • The joints of the thorax
    • MCQs for part 2: The thorax
  3. Abdomen
    • Introduction to the abdomen
    • The anterior abdominal wall
    • The male external genital organs
    • The lower back
    • The abdominal cavity
    • The diaphragm
    • The posterior abdominal wall
    • MCQs for part 3: The abdomen
  4. Pelvis and Perineum
    • Introduction to the pelvis and perineum
    • The perineum
    • The pelvic viscera
    • The pelvic wall
    • MCQs for part 4: The pelvis and perineum
  5. Trunk
    • Movements of the trunk and muscles involved in bodily functions
    • Cross-sectional anatomy of the trunk
  6. Answers to MCQs
  7. Index

Cunningham Anatomy Volume 2 PDF Download

  • File Size: 73.8 MB
  • Page- 339

Volume 3: Head, Neck, and Brain

This volume of Cunningham Manual of Practical Anatomy 16th edition has 3 parts which include 34 sections which are listed below:

  1. Head and Neck
    • Introduction to the head and neck
    • The cervical vertebrae
    • The skull
    • The scalp and face
    • The posterior triangle of the neck
    • The anterior triangle of the neck
    • The back
    • The cranial cavity
    • Deep dissection of the neck
    • The prevertebral region
    • The orbit
    • The eyeball
    • Organs of hearing and equilibrium
    • The parotid region
    • The temporal and infratemporal regions
    • The submandibular region
    • The mouth and pharynx
    • The tongue
    • The cavity of the nose
    • The larynx
    • The contents of the vertebral canal
    • The joints of the neck
    • MCQs for part 1: Head and neck
  2. Brain and Spinal Cord
    • Introduction to the brain and spinal cord
    • The meninges of the brain
    • The blood vessels of the brain
    • The spinal cord
    • The brainstem
    • The cerebellum
    • The diencephalon
    • The cerebrum
    • The ventricular system
    • MCQs for part 2: The brain and spinal cord
  3. Cross-sectional Anatomy
    • Cross-sectional anatomy of the head and neck
  4. Answers to MCQs
  5. Index

Cunningham Anatomy Volume 3 PDF Download

  • File Size: 62.1 MB
  • Page- 433

Overview of Cunningham Anatomy PDF

Cunningham’s Manual of Practical Anatomy 16th edition PDF File is a fine book for those starting their preparation for anatomy dissection halls. This book is color coded with beautiful diagrams.

The most fascinating part about this book is a clickable index that takes the users directly to the topics they are looking for. We are providing the 16th edition rather than the 15th to keep you updated with the latest book.

The index as well helps easily navigate through specific sections of the book. If you are a first-year MBBS student struggling with your anatomy basics, this book is a must to carry in the anatomy practicals as it is handy and easy to read.

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