Contributor Guidelines

First of all, welcome to Medical Community- MedicForYou

MedicForYou Contributors WelcomeWe are happy to have you here, and look forward to the amazing articles from you. Below are the guidelines before you start:

How to get started

Assuming you have registered, visit- and add your username and password. Upon entering into panel, you will meet the following:

Screen 1: Welcome Screen
Screen 2: Write your awesome medical content
Screen 3: General features you get on writing page

Guidelines for Article Submission

Please note, our first and most important rule- it should be related to medical or useful to medical community. You don’t want telling the world how beautiful flowers are, do you?

During the content writing, you get into Screen 2 (see above):

Title of Article

  • Should be relevant, not too lengthy.


  • It should be minimum 300 words or at least super article if not under 300 words.
  • Do not include external links, if necessary, just include and write in bracket () why you included them just after the link.
  • If there are images you need to add, please ask the moderator. We will guide you through it. Currently we don’t allow new members since it can lead to spammy or unethical images(if you know how badly wrong images can affect).

Well, more guidelines will be discovered soon, for now, this much seems relevant. Cheers to Medicos, stay tuned, stay growing!