Why You Shouldn’t Be Using Clean and Clear Face Wash


Most of us suffer oily skin in our day to day life. We seek out every alternative to fix it, to correct that oil on our face. Indeed the commonest is Acne on our skin. From home remedies like Neem leaves to variety of face washes, we try everything that we can get hands on. But the most commonly used is Clean and Clear Facewash we use to fix our oily skin. Have you ever re-considered what this may be causing to your natural skin? Beside making it a “Clean” face skin, it’s rather killing the very part of you.

Why you have Oily Skin?

Before explaining further, a bit of understanding what is natural oil from your skin and why sometimes it secretes in so much excess, that you have to approach Clean and Clear face wash.

Sebum (Latin for fat) is the oil secreted from the very minute sebaceous glands present in your skin. These are present in abundance over your face mostly, not on palm of hands or sole of foot (that’s why you don’t get acne on hands). Most of us see Sebum as the root cause of disgusting acne and try to get rid of it. Actually, it’s good for your skin. You are just focusing on the darker side of sebum, let us enlighten you on the positive vibes of sebum:

  • Protects skin from losing moisture
  • Contains Vitamin E, that protects skin from cancer and aging
  • Maintains normal tone of your skin
  • Prevents bacteria and other notorious organisms from invading your skin
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Sometimes, these sebaceous glands secrete excess of sebum or oil from your skin, especially during puberty and those with age of 20-30 years. This is the time when people are super conscious over their skin and looks, and a little pimple just ruins it, right?

Sebum- Root cause of Acne?

It was once believed that excess of sebum or seborrhea is the root cause of acne. But so far, there has been no direct link of acne with sebum production. Yes, you must have read on many face washes that blocking of sebaceous glands causes pimples, but re-think, there’s a difference between blockage and being the cause of something irritating.

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Does my food causes Oily Skin?

There’s no established direct link of oily skin with what you eat. The diet you take contains fats and oils, but the poor lads are just going to your digestive tract, being broken down. Why curse them when they are not flowing into your skin?

Clean & Clear Facewash reviews funny
Ate burger, got the pimple

Apart from this fact, it is noteworthy that no specific face wash stops these sebaceous glands from secreting sebum. The oil is produced no matter what you apply on your face. Do not fall for face wash that say- “stay oil free for long hours”. The production of sebum or oil is entirely based on hormones, Clean and Clear face wash doesn’t affects hormones in any way, does it?

Why you shouldn’t be using Clean and Clear Face Wash?

Coming back to the original topic, what does Clean and Clear facewash actually do? Well, the only effect you see is wipe out of these oils (yeah the healthy oil) from your skin. You feel like paper clean when you use it. But now you know you just kicked the very essential part of your body with clean and clear.

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Since your skin is out of protective oils, you are now more prone to infections, early aging of skin and Cancer! Just because you wanted to get rid of oil and didn’t want to use handkerchief to clean your face, you approached clean and clear face wash. But instead of getting a glowing skin, you actually got “Clean” skin. Note the difference between two.

Apart from all the big debate, you might have noticed sometimes, the face wash just makes things worse sometimes. Indeed many will disagree, but ask those who suffered the fate.


Please think of your natural skin, it’s trying so hard to make you healthy. You got to compromise your health if you really are in need of beauty. Get healthy, beauty doesn’t last long. If you are really seeking ways of getting rid of acne, please give some time for hormones to calm down, the acne will subside when your body is stable (pretty sure your mother told you the same thing).

Otherwise, stick to natural health remedies (don’t just do them for 2 days, make them a habit). And one last thing, do not try to mix up multiple face wash, soaps and remedies together, they will just totally kill your poor skin.

Leave us your thoughts if you have any, in the comments section below. It’s a hot topic we can always discuss and would love to answer.



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