Sinus Forceps: List of Uses in Surgery, Parts, Diagram, Sterilization, Price

This article provides information on sinus forceps, a surgical instrument used for grasping and manipulating tissue during a surgical procedure. It outlines the parts of the forceps and the proper sterilization procedure to maintain their effectiveness and safety. The article also lists the sizes and common uses of sinus forceps and includes a comparison table between sinus forceps and Lister's forceps, another common surgical instrument.

Clinical History Taking Format in Medicine: Physical, Systemic Examination Template

Read our super detailed guide on taking Clinical History in Medicine wards including: General Survey, History Proper, General Physical and Systemic Examination, Summary of Case, Provisional Diagnosis and Relevant Investigations.

Arthritis Profile Test: What is it? List of Tests, Cost, and Where to Get It Done

Unlock the secrets of your joint health and take control of your arthritis with an arthritis profile test. This comprehensive guide will demystify the different types of tests included, the average cost, and how they can help diagnose and treat arthritis.

Otosclerosis: Causes, Types, Pathology, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment

Otosclerosis or Otospongiosis is primary disease of bony labyrinth or the inner ear. The irregularly laid spongy bone replace the normal enchondral layer of bony otic capsule. It is made from two words- Oto- Ear and Sclerosis- Hardening of tissue.

Atticoantral Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media

Atticoantral CSOM is Unsafe type of CSOM against Tubotypanic CSOM, which is safe type. Read the clinical notes and review Bridgin gap of Cholesteatoma, Perforation in Atticoantral CSOM, Difference between Canal wall up vs Canal wall down procedures (surgical).

Types of Headache

Headache is indeed the most common symptom everyone suffers in his day to day life. But rather than going all type approaches for headache,...

Online Histology Made Easy Slides Atlas

Check out our Online Histology Slides for First Year MBBS Students. Histology comes under Anatomy and this library has got over 50 images that you need to clear your histology exam.

Sleep Paralysis: Demon vs Medical | Sleep Apnoea

Suffered something like not being able to wake up from sleep even though trying to? Well, you just suffered medical phenomenon called Sleep Paralysis, also known as Sleep Apnoea. Find out what caused it, the Medical vs Demon!

Indian Penal Code 233 IPC

Does IPC 233 aka Indian Penal Code 233 grants women the right to kill the rapist and injure his sex organs? Has Modi amended this law to act against the attackers on women? Find the truth behind it.