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Basics Of ECG EKG Interpretation of Electrocardigraph

Basics Of ECG-EKG: Interpretation of Electrocardigraph

Basics of ECG Guide: Learn how to read and interpret Electrocardiograph and find Rate, Rhythm and Axis of ECG in clinics. Improve your medical skills today!
Abdomen GIT examination

Abdomen Examination Format – Practical skills

Learn how to do Abdomen Examination clinically. Find out basics of Inspection, Palpation, Percussion and Auscultation of Abdomen.
Infective Endocarditis Clinical Approach

Infective Endocarditis: Clinical Approach

Infective Endocarditits: Definition, Causes, Types, Clinical Features, Diagnosis and Treatment.
Pituitary Gland Hormones Functions, Control, Deficiency, Excess

Pituitary Gland Hormones: Functions, Control, Deficiency, Excess

Pituitary gland or Hypophysis is a pea-sized endocrine gland weighing about 0.5gm which is a protrusion at the bottom of hypothalamus, more precisely, below the hypothalamus at base of brain. It has three lobes: Anterior...
Gastroenteritis in Children and Adults Clinical Presentation


Gastroenteritis or Stomach Flu, is made of two words- Gastro: Stomach, Enteri: Intestines and Itis: Inflammation. Therefore, Gastroenteritis is inflammation of gastrointestinal tract involving Stomach and Intestines. It is indeed one of the common...
Calcium Regulation Parathyroid hormone vs Calcitonin

Calcium Regulation: Parathyroid hormone vs Calcitonin

Calcium is one of the most pronounced mineral in human body which not only forms your bones and teeth, but perform several other essential functions. However, these normal calcium levels can go haywire due...
Pneumonia Clinical Approach

Pneumonia Clinical Approach

Pneumonia is a clinical picture that should be the bread and butter of the undergraduate and postgraduate. There is no escaping this case, as many people present to the hospital complaining of fever, cough...
Potassium Balance vs Hypokalemia vs Hyperkalemia

Potassium Balance vs Hypokalemia vs Hyperkalemia

Earlier in Fluid and Electrolyte disturbances, we talked about Sodium, Hyponatremia and Hyperkalemia. In this blog, potassium is going to be the target. Potassium is another mineral required in our body in minute amounts,...
Sodium Normal vs Hyponatremia vs Hypernatremia

Sodium Normal vs Hyponatremia vs Hypernatremia

Medically, Sodium is one of the essential minerals required for homeostasis of body, performing regulation of blood volume, blood pressure, osmotic equilibrium and pH regulation. If anything goes wrong about sodium levels, either decreased...
Cough Clinical Approach

Cough Clinical Approach

Coughing is reflex mechanism of body to clear breathing passages from irritants, foreign particles and secretions like mucus. But the main question is, how do we approach a patient who is Coughing? Earlier, we discussed...

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MBBS What is Full Form or Name of Degree

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Emergency medicines used in India Casualty Drugs

Common Emergency Medicines List in India | Casualty Drugs

Read our list of Emergency drugs used in Casualty wards. The list is made according to India with detailed drug class and uses. Find the life saving drugs in Cardiology, Respiratory, GIT, Obstetrics, Painkillers, Allergy, CNS and Antibiotics.
How to Study Pharmacology in MBBS Second Year

How to Study Pharmacology in MBBS Second Year

MBBS is one of the toughest course in the world and those who are into it, know better what life gives when you pursue...
NEXT Exit Exam National Exit Exam After MBBS India

Mbbs Medical Students to clear NEXT Exit Exam for “Dr” Tag

Indian Government is planning to amend NEXT Exit Exam for MBBS Students after their graduation. The bill is almost passed and awaiting amendment, while...

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