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Important Topics in Biochemistry MBBS First Year

Important topics of Biochemistry from Cell membrane and transport, Enzymes, Carbohydrates, Amino acids and proteins, Lipids, Molecular biology and miscellaneous.

DM Vasudevan Biochemistry PDF | Latest Edition Download

Download DM Vasudevan Textbook of Biochemistry PDF book for free here. Get the latest edition (9th) for first year MBBS exam. DM Vasudevan Biochemistry book has over 677 pages with 50 chapters in total. Google Drive links to latest edition have been provided here.

Harper’s Illustrated Biochemistry PDF Download- Latest Edition

Download Harpers Illustrated Biochemistry 28th Edition in PDF Format directly from Google Drive links. Get your own copy now for free!

Arterial Blood Gas Analysis: ABG Interpretation Made Easy

Learn how to read ABG report stepwise with our comprehensive step-wise guide. Learn to quickly differentiate Acidosis and Alkalosis, be it respiratory or metabolic.

Blood Test Interpretation with Normal values

We've just prepared the best Blood Test Interpretation guide for you with normal values and ranges. Find the clinical, optimal and red flag values for most common tests including CBC, Urinalysis and ABG.