Sinus Forceps: List of Uses in Surgery, Parts, Diagram, Sterilization, Price

This article provides information on sinus forceps, a surgical instrument used for grasping and manipulating tissue during a surgical procedure. It outlines the parts of the forceps and the proper sterilization procedure to maintain their effectiveness and safety. The article also lists the sizes and common uses of sinus forceps and includes a comparison table between sinus forceps and Lister's forceps, another common surgical instrument.

Common Delusions in Psychiatry: Easy Tricks with Memes and Mnemonics

In the world of psychiatry, it can be overwhelming to keep track of all the different types of delusions. But don't worry, my friend. I've got a little trick for you to remember the most common ones. Mnemonics. That's right, a simple acronym to help you remember the key delusions and impress your colleagues. So, let's cook up some knowledge and dive into the fascinating world of delusions and their corresponding mnemonics. Ready? Let's get started.

PLAB 1 Exam Day Checklist: What to Bring and What to Expect

Are you ready to take on the PLAB 1 exam? Don't let stress and uncertainty hold you back! With our comprehensive PLAB 1 exam day checklist, you'll have everything you need to feel confident and prepared. From knowing what to bring to understanding what to expect, we've got you covered. Get ready to ace the PLAB 1 exam with ease and make your medical journey one step closer to reality.

FMGE: Medical Council Screening Test for MBBS Students

FMGE or Foreign Medical Graduates Examination, also known as MCI Screening Test. Find out Eligibillity criteria, Scheme of examination, Schedule and Fees.

Basics Of ECG-EKG: Interpretation of Electrocardigraph

Basics of ECG Guide: Learn how to read and interpret Electrocardiograph and find Rate, Rhythm and Axis of ECG in clinics. Improve your medical skills today!

How To Earn Pocket Money Online During Medical School

Having trouble making a life out during your Medical Career? Life is harsh with MBBS, a few bucks are always handy. Find out how you can generate some pennies with Internet!

Difference between Neuropathic and Nociceptive Pain

It is indeed difficult task when it comes to differentiating between pain type, that is, whether it is emerging from neuronal component (Neuropathic pain)...

Diagnosis of Exclusion

Welcome to the all new idea docs, we are spreading the knowledge and the marvelous idea of using Diagnosis of Exclusion as a method...

Medical Trade Fair Pragati Maidan 2015

Medical Fair-India led many visitors to enjoy the exquisite opportunities of learning about the new medical technology around the globe. Though the statement about the...