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Trachoma Signs and Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment

Trachoma: Signs and Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment

Trachoma or Granular conjuctivitis or Egyptian opthalmia is a chronic keratoconjuctivitis or inflammation of cornea and conjunctiva caused by a bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis. This bacterium causes roughening of inner eye lid which causes pain in eye,breakdown of...
Atrophic Rhinits Ozaena

Atrophic Rhinits : Ozaena

Atrophic means Degeneration and Rhinitis meaning Inflammation of mucous membrane inside nose. Atrophic Rhinitis, also name as Ozaena, is a chronic inflammation of nose with atrophy of nasal mucosa and turbinate bones. Atrophic Rhinitis is...
Amenorrhea Causes Types Clinical Features Management


Amenorrhea is defined as absence of Menstrual Periods. While it commonly occurs due to pregnancy and lactation, it can have pathological causes like PCOS.
Clinical History Taking and Examination Format

Clinical History Taking Format in Medicine: Physical, Systemic Examination

Read our super detailed guide on taking Clinical History in Medicine wards including: General Survey, History Proper, General Physical and Systemic Examination, Summary of Case, Provisional Diagnosis and Relevant Investigations.
Pituitary Gland Hormones Functions, Control, Deficiency, Excess

Pituitary Gland Hormones: Functions, Control, Deficiency, Excess

Pituitary gland or Hypophysis is a pea-sized endocrine gland weighing about 0.5gm which is a protrusion at the bottom of hypothalamus, more precisely, below the hypothalamus at base of brain. It has three lobes: Anterior...
Lymph Node Examination: Head and Neck | Clinical Skillsvideo

Lymph Node Examination: Head and Neck | Clinical Skills

Watch how to examine the lymph nodes of Head and Neck by noting different points like consistency, mobility etc. The pattern follows as: submental, submandibular, pre-auricular,...
Cyanosis- Differential Diagnosis, History, Examination

Cyanosis: Differential Diagnosis, History, Examination

Cyanosis is bluish coloration of skin or mucosa, it is easy to spot, but differential diagnosis, History and Examination are very important. Read the causes, differential diagnosis, history taking, Examination and Investigations of Cyanosis, be it Central or Peripheral.
Intravenous Cannula Insertion 2017 IV Cannulation Guide

Intravenous Cannula Insertion | IV Cannulation: Common Veins Sites

IV Cannulation or Intravenous Cannula Insertion is a procedure of establishing a parenteral route in the patient. It helps in quickly giving fluids and medicines, easily access iv route for blood samples, etc.
Davidson 100 Clinical Cases PDF Free Download

Davidson 100 Clinical Cases PDF Free Download

Davidson 100 Clinical Cases 2nd Edition Download in PDF format directly from Google Drive Links. You can also read the book online. Davidson 100 Clinical Cases is a book for Medicine in 4th year of MBBS and is widely used among medical students and doctors. Check latest, 4th and 3rd edition also.
Gastroenteritis in Children and Adults Clinical Presentation

[Clinical Notes] Gastroenteritis: How To Take History

Learn how to take clinical history of patient having Gastroenteritis with question-answer approach. Perfect Notes included.

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DAMS Handwritten Notes 2017 PDF Free Download

DAMS Handwritten Notes 2017 PDF Free Download

The DAMS Handwritten Notes are here for free Download in PDF Format for your mobile phone and computer. Grab the latest notes from DAMS teachers for year 2017 and 2018 NEET PG exam now!
What After MBBS All Courses and Careers options

What After MBBS? All Courses and Careers options

Read our exclusive guide on Courses and Careers you can opt after MBBS. Start with Post-graduation, Research, Hospital management, Foreign studies and Clinical practice.
Emergency drugs and medicine used in Casualty in India

Emergency Drugs List in India | Common Casualty Medicines

Read our list of Emergency drugs used in Casualty wards. The list is made according to India with detailed drug class and uses. Find the life saving drugs in Cardiology, Respiratory, GIT, Obstetrics, Painkillers, Allergy, CNS and Antibiotics.
MBBS What is Full Form or Name of Degree

MBBS: What is Full Form or Name of Degree?

Indeed you are a medico, but do you know MBBS has been selected as the toughest course in Guinness Book of World Records? Do you even know what is the history of MBBS and what does the word literary means? Find it here.
NEET PG Results 2018 are out! Check here now

NEET PG Results 2018 | Cutoff Marks | Updates

The NEET PG Results 2018 are out! Those who have appeared for the Post-Graduation exam after MBBS in December can now check their results here. Wish you all the best!

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