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Protein Energy Malnutrition PEM Marasmus vs Kwashiorkor

Protein Energy Malnutrition: PEM Marasmus vs Kwashiorkor

PEM or Protein-Energy Malnutrition is a macro-nutrient deficiency rather than micro-nutrient deficiency. It is actually a combination of two pediatric diseases very commonly encountered, Kwashiorkor and Marasmus. While the Marasmus occurs due to energy...
Gastroenteritis in Children and Adults Clinical Presentation

[Clinical Notes] Gastroenteritis: How To Take History

Learn how to take clinical history of patient having Gastroenteritis with question-answer approach. Perfect Notes included.
[Video] Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Surgery

[Video] Arterial Blood Gas Sampling: Collection for Analysis

The Video of Arterial Blood Gas Analysis: How to perform Sampling and collect the blood from Radial, Femoral or Brachial artery for ABG Tests such as pH, Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen Saturation, etc. Check out this real time video being performed on real patient!
Types of Headache

Types of Headache

Headache is indeed the most common symptom everyone suffers in his day to day life. But rather than going all type approaches for headache, we will be explaining today what are the types of...
Neonatal reflexes newborn babiesvideo

[Video] Neonatal Reflexes: Newborn Baby Reflexes

Check out this short video explaining Neonatal Reflexes in Newborn Babies.
Pleural Effusion - Diagnosis Treatment Video.jpgvideo

Pleural Effusion : Diagnosis | Treatment : Video

Check out this video that shows how Raynaud's Phenomenon appears in a patient!
Churchill's Pocketbook of Differential Diagnosis

Churchill’s Pocketbook of Differential Diagnosis Download PDF Free

Download Pdf of Churchill's Pocketbook of Differential Diagnosis- Size: 7.2mb. The best book of differential diagnosis for medical students.
Lactic acidosis dm complications

Lactic Acidosis

In our earlier articles, we discussed Diabetic Ketoacidosis and Non-Ketotic Hyperosmolar Coma, and in this article, we will review Lactic Acidosis. Definition Lactic acidosis is a metabolic acidosis due to increased lactic acid levels, resulting in...
Auscultation of Lungs under Respiratory examination

Auscultation of Lungs under Respiratory examination

Auscultation is an art of medicine, and requires practice before mastering it. In today's blog, we are going to discuss about Auscultation of Lungs under the section- Respiratory system examination. With auscultating chest, one...
S Das Manual of Clinical Surgery PDF Download Free

S Das Clinical Surgery Manual Download Free in PDF Format

DownloadS Das Manual of Clinical Surgery Ninth Edition in PDF Format. The eBook has provides the deep insights to Clinical Understanding of Surgery with super illustrations and clinical approach to the patient.

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DAMS Handwritten Notes 2017 PDF Free Download

DAMS Handwritten Notes 2017 PDF Free Download

The DAMS Handwritten Notes are here for free Download in PDF Format for your mobile phone and computer. Grab the latest notes from DAMS teachers for year 2017 and 2018 NEET PG exam now!
What After MBBS All Courses and Careers options

What After MBBS? All Courses and Careers options

Read our exclusive guide on Courses and Careers you can opt after MBBS. Start with Post-graduation, Research, Hospital management, Foreign studies and Clinical practice.
Emergency drugs and medicine used in Casualty in India

Emergency Drugs List in India | Common Casualty Medicines

Read our list of Emergency drugs used in Casualty wards. The list is made according to India with detailed drug class and uses. Find the life saving drugs in Cardiology, Respiratory, GIT, Obstetrics, Painkillers, Allergy, CNS and Antibiotics.
MBBS What is Full Form or Name of Degree

MBBS: What is Full Form or Name of Degree?

Indeed you are a medico, but do you know MBBS has been selected as the toughest course in Guinness Book of World Records? Do you even know what is the history of MBBS and what does the word literary means? Find it here.
NEET PG Results 2018 are out! Check here now

NEET PG Results 2018 | Cutoff Marks | Updates

The NEET PG Results 2018 are out! Those who have appeared for the Post-Graduation exam after MBBS in December can now check their results here. Wish you all the best!

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