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Sinus Forceps: List of Uses in Surgery, Parts, Diagram, Sterilization, Price

This article provides information on sinus forceps, a surgical instrument used for grasping and manipulating tissue during a surgical procedure. It outlines the parts of the forceps and the proper sterilization procedure to maintain their effectiveness and safety. The article also lists the sizes and common uses of sinus forceps and includes a comparison table between sinus forceps and Lister's forceps, another common surgical instrument.

Common Delusions in Psychiatry: Easy Tricks with Memes and Mnemonics

In the world of psychiatry, it can be overwhelming to keep track of all the different types of delusions. But don't worry, my friend. I've got a little trick for you to remember the most common ones. Mnemonics. That's right, a simple acronym to help you remember the key delusions and impress your colleagues. So, let's cook up some knowledge and dive into the fascinating world of delusions and their corresponding mnemonics. Ready? Let's get started.

Clinical History Taking Format in Medicine: Physical, Systemic Examination Template

Read our super detailed guide on taking Clinical History in Medicine wards including: General Survey, History Proper, General Physical and Systemic Examination, Summary of Case, Provisional Diagnosis and Relevant Investigations.

OP Ghai Pediatrics PDF Download- Latest Edition

Download OP Ghai Pediatrics PDF- Essential Pediatrics- 9th Edition in PDF Format directly from Google Drive links. Get your own copy now for free!

SRB Manual of Surgery PDF Latest Edition- Free Download

Download SRB Manual of Surgery PDF book for free here. Get the latest edition (6th) for fourth year MBBS exam. SRB Surgery book over 1235 pages with 33 chapters in total. Google Drive links to latest edition have been provided here.

S Das Clinical Surgery PDF Download- Latest Edition

Download S Das Manual of Clinical Surgery 13th Edition in PDF Format. Textbook of Surgery has provides the deep insights to Clinical Understanding of Surgery with super illustrations and clinical approach to the patient.

FODMAP Diet by NHS for Irritable Bowel Syndrome- PDF

Looking for FODMAP Diet List for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)?. Start your journey here.

UKMEC Summary- Complete Guidelines of Contraception Criteria

Confused about UKMEC Guidelines for Contraception? Explore our simple summary for understanding rather than mugging. Learn more about COCP, POP, POI, IUCD and IUS.

ECG Basics: Axis Deviation and P wave Abnormalities Causes

Learn Axis Deviation with a simple trick and P wave Abnormalities such P Pulmonale, P Mitrale, etc.