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Delhi Fights Covid 19 Amidst The Third Wave

The Third Wave of Covid 19 has hit Delhi hard, and we seek Delhites to reach our government in reaching poor people with little more information.

The Unsung Warriors Of Rajeev Gandhi Hospital

Doctors at RGSSH, Delhi continue their battle against COVID-19, creating an example against the Era of Pandemic.

NMC Bill In Rajya Sabha 2019: Ready To Pass

The National Medical Commission or NMC Bill 2019 has been passed to Rajya Sabha after passing from Lok Sabha on 29th July. The government is still trying to suppress the voices of IMA representing the anger of doctors nationwide.

[Video] Doctors Committed Suicide After Watching This

The trend of Babas is still over India, and blind followers are praising them over the hard working doctors. The magic is definitely more luring than the medicine.

Child Dies On Bed Of Rabies As People Watch

The brutal video how a 16-year old boy died on the bed crying out in pain for hours.

Man Gets Sucked Into MRI Machine: Horror and Death

The bizarre MRI accident occurred when a man in mumbai was sucked into MRI machine while carrying an oxygen cylinder with him. Due to inhalation of leaked oxygen, he died within two minutes. The doctor and ward boy had been charged with IPC 304A for causing death by negligence.

Media News and Government continues to worsen Doctor’s status in India

The conditions of Doctors in India worsens as Media News and Government targets Doctors and Medicos after the protests towards Security for Doctors.

Mbbs Medical Students to clear NEXT Exit Exam for “Dr” Tag

Indian Government is planning to amend NEXT Exit Exam for MBBS Students after their graduation. The bill is almost passed and awaiting amendment, while...

Doctor beaten in Dhule Hospital Mumbai, Assault may cause Eye Loss

A Doctor in Dhule, Mumbai was assaulted and beaten by the local residents. The CCTV captured the video of attack on Doctor named Rohan Mhamunar.