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Arup Kumar Kundu Pearls in Medicine Ebook Download Free in PDF Format


Arup Kumar Kundu- Pearls in Medicine is a clinical book that helps student learn the diagnosis and a more practical approach to making diagnosis. Kundu is the most renowned book among medical students for studying while attending clinical wards and seeing patients, especially during the medicine posting. It is helpful for all year students, but mostly to Fourth Year students and Interns. We have provided the link to Kundu eBook in PDF Format for free download below.

Arup Kumar Kundu PDF Book

The free ebook has 75 chapters in total that deal with clinical medicine. The book front page reads- Mystery Behind Diagnosis. It is definitely a must-read book if you are looking forward to establishing perfect skills and masters over handling patients and making diagnosis.


Arup Kumar Kundu has over 75 chapters and 303 pages including the index. Again, this is the best book ever released for medical students who are practicing in wards and seeing patients very often.

The book offers the students to learn individual cases through super detailed case studies. The signs and symptoms are described in a perfect way that students can co-relate their textbooks with a more clinical approach.

Suggestions to those who are looking forward to establishing a clinical understanding in Medicine are as follows:

  1. Read this book and carry it during the practicals and OPD. Have a quick look at the case studies quickly as you approach the patient with established diagnosis. You will feel more confident as you keep practicing this approach.
  2. Learn to make Doctor-Patient relationship and learn how to approach them, deal with different types of patients and how to interact with them with the common tongue.
  3. Learn how to examine different systems. If you don’t know how to do them, your diagnosis is going to be incomplete, you cannot always rely on lab reports and your seniors, do you?
  4. If you need help, following are some posts that can greatly help you in clinical wards. They have been made short but explained to the level of a medical student. These are:
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Learning to Read X-Ray: Basics

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Arup Kundu PDF eBook Download

You can download the Arup Kumar Kundu- Pearls in Medicine book by link given below. If the link is not working, do let us know using the comments section, we will readily update it. If you are unable to locate the links, please refresh the page.


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  1. will u please put pdfs of synopsis of forensic medicine of k.s narayanan redddy 29th edition and microbiology anathanarayan lastest edition …..it is helpful to many sudents…believing that u will do it, without ignoring my request. thanks u sir


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