AK Khurana Textbook of Ophthalmology PDF Download

The AK Khurana Textbook of Ophthalmology is a book used by Medical students during their third year of MBBS. This is the fourth edition of the book, you can find the 6th or 7th here also.

The links to the AK Khurana Textbook of Ophthalmology PDF Format have been provided for free download below.

AK Khurana Ophthalmology PDF Book

The free book has over 616 pages which include the 2 units, beautifully relating the text to practical knowledge. The book is the standard book used in medical colleges and universities for their third-year ophthalmology curriculum.

There are 24 chapters in total in the book, which are as follows under the two sections given below:

Section I: Anatomical structure, Physiology, & Eye Conditions

  1. Physiology of the Eye and Vision: Anatomy of the Eye
  2. The Physics of Refraction
  3. Conjunctival diseases
  4. The condition of the cornea
  5. Sclera-related illnesses
  6. Diseases of the lens
  7. Diseases of the uveal tract
  8. Glaucoma
  9. Diseases of the retina and vitreous neuro-ophthalmology
  10. Nystagmus and strabismus
  11. Various Eyelid Conditions
  12. The Lacrimal Apparatus Illnesses
  13. Orbital diseases Ocular injuries
  14. Lasers, Cryotherapy, and Ocular Therapeutics in Ophthalmology
  15. Comprehensive Ophthalmology
  16. Neighborhood Ophthalmology

Section II: Functional Ophthalmology

  1. Practical Optics Techniques
  2. Practical Examples in Ophthalmology
  3. Darkroom Techniques
  4. Surgical Ophthalmology and Ophthalmic Equipment

Refer to the 3rd-year Syllabus for complete details.


AK Khurana is the so far best book one can use for studying and passing Ophthalmology during their Third year of MBBS in Medical College.

The two sections cover Anatomy, Physiology, and Diseases of Eye as well as Practical Ophthalmology. At the end of the book, there are instruments and surgical procedures given beautifully.

This helps medical students to work through their practical examinations at end of semesters.

There is much to learn in Ophthalmology though, from Vision tests to diagnosis of various diseases, it is always fun to find out new stuff. There are surgeries done for Ophthalmology too, for which you will have to be attentive or you may miss them.

Suggestions to those who are looking forward to establishing an understanding of Ophthalmology are as follows:

  1. Even if you’re not in the mood to memorize anything, do your research. Some ideas will be eliminated, while others are certain to linger in your long-term memory.
  2. Increase your attention to practical testing like the Snellen chart and illnesses. A fun and fundamental element is continuously checking vision.
  3. Make it a habit to co-relate everything, and you’ll discover that practically everything in the book is what you already know.

AK Khurana Ophthalmology PDF Book Download

The link provided below will allow you to download the AK Khurana Textbook of Ophthalmology.

This edition is the seventh; the most recent is the eighth.

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