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Most of us have some key insights into Physiology– “How Body Works”. AK Jain Physiology Book is the number one used book by first Year students in MBBS. In this post, we have provided AK Jain Physiology PDF- Latest edition through Google Drive download links.

AK Jain Physiology PDF Book

AK Jain remains one of the classic books an MBBS student uses for understanding key concepts in the first semester. This book features super easy images and tables that can help newcomers in MBBS and also for NEET PG.

The latest edition of the PDF book we have provided has 1156 pages total, including an index for quick navigation. Volume 1 contains 7 units in total which includes 63 chapters while Volume 2 has 5 units covering 47 chapters.

Please note, this is a scanned copy of the book containing both Volume 1 and 2 and the overall quality may not be satisfactory.

Each chapter is clickable and leads to the pointed section.

Suggestions to those studying physiology from AK Jain Physiology PDF in First Year MBBS are as follows:

  1. Try to stick to one book, multiple books will just confuse you. Pick one and read it with heart since physiology is going with you for the rest of your medical career.
  2. You can watch some YouTube videos since there are many, to clear the concepts of some mechanisms. You don’t want to miss out on some fundamental essential topics without understanding them, do you?
  3. Yes A.K Jain is the recommended book in most colleges, but no one is forcing you to read A.K Jain. Well, A.K. Jain is still the simplest book I have ever seen, but if you need K Sembulingam or Guyton, you can always check them out too.


AK Jain Physiology PDF has 2 Volumes which have 12 Units covering 110 Chapters in total. The contents of this book are as follows:

Volume 1

AK Jain Physiology PDF Volume 1 includes the following chapters:

Unit 1: General Physiology

  • Chapter 1- The Structure and Function of a Cell
  • Chapter 2- Transport Across Cell Membranes
  • Chapter 3- Body Water and Body Fluids
  • Chapter 4- The Membrane Potentials

Unit 2: Blood

  • Chapter 5- Composition and Functions of Blood
  • Chapter 6- The Plasma Proteins
  • Chapter 7- Hemoglobin
  • Chapter 8- Erythrocyte- Red Blood Corpuscle (RBC)
  • Chapter 9- Jaundice
  • Chapter 10- Leucocyte- White Blood Corpuscle (WBC)
  • Chapter 11- Platelets or Thrombocytes
  • Chapter 12- Coagulation of Blood
  • Chapter 13- Blood Groups
  • Chapter 14- Lymphoid Tissues and Lymph
  • Chapter 15- Immunity (The Immune System)

Tired of reading through the contents of the AK Jain Physiology PDF? Scroll down at the bottom to find the links. Or look for another file through our search box:

Unit 3: Nerve Muscle Physiology

  • Chapter 16- Structure and Function of Nervous Tissues
  • Chapter 17- Physiological Properties of Nerve Fibers
  • Chapter 18- Nerve Fiber Types and Functions
  • Chapter 19- Degeneration and Regeneration in Peripheral Nerves
  • Chapter 20- Neuromuscular Junction
  • Chapter 21- Skeletal Muscle
  • Chapter 22- Cardiac Muscle
  • Chapter 23- Smooth Muscle

Unit 4: The Digestive System

  • Chapter 24- Physiological Anatomy of Gastro-Intestinal Tract (GIT)
  • Chapter 25- Physiology of Salivary Secretion
  • Chapter 26- Mouth and Esophagus
  • Chapter 27- The Stomach
  • Chapter 28- Pancreas
  • Chapter 29- Liver and GallBladder
  • Chapter 30- Small Intestine
  • Chapter 31- Large Intestine (Colon)
  • Chapter 32- Digestion and Absorption in the GIT
  • Chapter 33- GIT Hormones

Unit 5: The Cardio-Vascular System (CVS)

  • Chapter 34- Physiological Anatomy of the Heart
  • Chapter 35- Properties of the Cardiac Muscle
  • Chapter 36- The Cardiac Cycle
  • Chapter 37- The Electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • Chapter 38- General Principles of the Circulation
  • Chapter 39- Cardio-vascular Regulatory Mechanisms
  • Chapter 40- The Heart Rate
  • Chapter 41- The Cardiac Output
  • Chapter 42- The Arterial Blood Pressure
  • Chapter 43- The Regional Circulation
  • Chapter 44- Cardio-vascular Homeostasis in Health and Disease

Unit 6: The Respiratory System

  • Chapter 45- Physiological Anatomy of Respiratory System
  • Chapter 46- Mechanics of Respiration
  • Chapter 47- Transport of Gases
  • Chapter 48- Regulation of Respiration
  • Chapter 49- Hypoxia
  • Chapter 50- Physiology of High Altitude
  • Chapter 51- Effects of High Atmospheric Pressure
  • Chapter 52- Pulmonary (Lung) Function Tests
  • Chapter 53- Physiology of Exercise
  • Chapter 54- Physiology of Yoga

Unit 7: The Excretory System

  • Chapter 55- Physiological Anatomy of the Kidney
  • Chapter 56- Mechanism of Formation of Urine
  • Chapter 57- Renal Clearance
  • Chapter 58- Mechanism of Concentration and Dilution of Urine- The Counter-Current System
  • Chapter 59- Acidification of Urine
  • Chapter 60- Regulation of Volume and Concentration of Body Fluids
  • Chapter 61- Kidney (Renal) Function Test
  • Chapter 62- Physiology of Micturition
  • Chapter 63- Regulation of Body Temperature in Humans

Volume 2

Volume 2 of AK Jain Physiology PDF contains:

Unit 8: Metabolism and Nutrition

  • Chapter 64- Principles of Energy Metabolism
  • Chapter 65- Carbohydrate Metabolism
  • Chapter 66- Fat Metabolism
  • Chapter 67- Protein Metabolism
  • Chapter 68- Food and Nutrition
  • Chapter 69- Antioxidant Nutrients, Free Radicals and Physiology of Ageing

Unit 9: The Endocrine System

  • Chapter 70- General Principles of Endocrinology
  • Chapter 71- The Pituitary Gland
  • Chapter 72- The Thyroid Gland
  • Chapter 73- The Parathyroids, Calcitonin and Vitamin D
  • Chapter 74- The Adrenal Cortex
  • Chapter 75- The Adrenal Medulla
  • Chapter 76- Pancreas
  • Chapter 77- The Thymus
  • Chapter 78- The Pineal Gland: Melatonin
  • Chapter 79- Local Hormones: A-ch, Prostaglandin, 5-HT, Histamine

Unit 10: The Reproductive System

Unit 10 of AK Jain Physiology PDF has the following chapters:

  • Chapter 80- Physiology of Reproduction
  • Chapter 81- Male Reproductive System
  • Chapter 82- Female Reproductive System
  • Chapter 83- Physiology of Coitus
  • Chapter 84- Contraceptive Measures
  • Chapter 85- Physiology of Pregnancy
  • Chapter 86- Physiology of Foetus and Newborn

Unit 11: The Nervous System

  • Chapter 87- Organization of the Nervous System
  • Chapter 88- The Synapse
  • Chapter 89- Sensory Receptors
  • Chapter 90- Reflexes
  • Chapter 91- The Sensory System
  • Chapter 92- The Motor Areas and Descending Tracts
  • Chapter 93- The Autonomic Nervous System
  • Chapter 94- Spinal Cord Lesions
  • Chapter 95- The Vestibular Apparatus (Labyrinth)
  • Chapter 96- Control of Body Movement and Posture
  • Chapter 97- The Reticular Formation
  • Chapter 98- The Cerebellum
  • Chapter 99- The Thalamus
  • Chapter 100- The Electroencephalogram and Sleep
  • Chapter 101- The Basal Ganglia
  • Chapter 102- The Hypothalamus
  • Chapter 103- The Cerebral Hemisphere (Cerebrum)
  • Chapter 104- The Limbic System: Emotion and Motivation
  • Chapter 105- Higher Functions of the Nervous System
  • Chapter 106- Chemical Transmission in the Nervous System

Unit 12: The Special Senses

  • Chapter 107- The Smell
  • Chapter 108- The Taste
  • Chapter 109- The Ear
  • Chapter 110- The Eye

AK Jain Physiology PDF Latest Edition Download

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File TypePDF
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Number of Pages1156
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